Fans Are Divided After Kim Kardashian Shares Video 'Exploiting' Her Daughter And Niece

Taylor Sakellis
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Kim Kardashian has been called out by fans more times than I can count, and while I'm bad at math, I do know that is A LOT of times. While I used to think that the Kardashian + Jenner families didn't have to egg on scandalous behaviors to keep their names in the public eye, it seems like Kim and her family members are happy to just do whatever to make people angry these days.

Kim Kardashian is under fire after sharing a video of herself singing with her daughter North West, 9, and sister Kourtney's daughter, Penelope Disick, 10.

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While blasting Bruno Mars' hit “Versace on the Floor” Kim is seen singing along while trying to film the young girls, who don't look on impressed AT ALL.

"Sing it, girls!" Kim says while a devil horns filter warps her face.

If you've spent 5 minutes with a tween, then you know how much they would absolutely hate this.


At one point in the video, you can see Penelope side-eyeing her cousin, prompting North to yell, "Stop!" at her mom

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“Mom!” she shouts again. “Mom, please delete that!”

Instead of stopping, Kim just laughs and continues to pose for the cameras.

Many fans were quick to question Kim's decision to upload the video despite her daughter's visible discomfort.

penelope and north west in the car with kim
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"Obviously doesn’t care what her daughter wants. All about content for her," wrote one critic.

"Yeah exploitation of your kid is SOO CUTEE Kim," echoed another.

However, many fans tried to defend Kim, saying she was doing "normal" parenting behavior.

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"The joys of motherhood is getting back at them with embarrassing moments!!" joked one follower.

"This is life with kids," said a different follower.

I just hope Kim wasn't driving!