Kim Kardashian Slammed For Promoting 'Painful' Cosmetic Procedures

Rae Batchelor
Kim Kardashian raising both arms over her head.
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Kim Kardashian is facing criticism after sharing pictures from her latest cosmetic procedure.

The fact that celebrities get plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures done isn't a surprise to most people — especially when it comes to celebrities who create and then maintain the beauty standard in society, like the Kardashians. Kim is being blasted by fans, however, after seeming to promote a "painful" cosmetic procedure on her Instagram as well as opening up speculation about her history with cosmetic alterations.

Kim shared a series of images to her Instagram story that has fans upset.

Kim Kardashian showing herself after a Morpheous laser treatment.
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"This is a game changer!!! I did morpheous laser to tighten my stomach," Kim shared alongside a shot of her getting the procedure done. "I think this is my fave laser but it's painful LOL but worth it!"

Kim also shared an image from a full body scan done at the same clinic.

Fans were not impressed.

A scan of Kim Kardashian's body
instagramStories | @kimkardashian

"Lol @KimKardashian for posting how much laser hurts to tighten her stomach but it’s 'so worth it' is that what you tell all these young girls and women who think getting laser on their stomach is what they need to look better??? Use your brain dude...," one fan tweeted.

Other fans noted how the scan didn't show Kim's ribcage as being visible from the front.

"SHE HAS NO RIBS!" one Reddit user wrote.

"Removed bottom two for thinner waist or something. Will doctors even remove ribs? If so, all?" they asked.

"I saw someone else say it on here the other day, and now it’s just so obvious… kim kardashian definitely removed some ribs," another tweeted.

"Oh look at her probably getting paid to promote cosmetic procedures! Girl we still know you’ve had lipo, surgery, and more than just light therapy!" shared one user.

"Why can she not exercise to tighten her stomach? Why is it immediately lasered off? She is such a bad example," another wrote.

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