Woman Shares Her Dating Rules And One Of Them Seriously Made Moms Angry

Sarah Kester
Madeline at a cafe
TikTok | @madellinnee

If there’s one rule to follow on social media, it’s this: don’t anger your fans

A woman by the name of Madeline (TikTok handle @madellinnee) broke this recently. 

She shares her dating tips online to help single women be more empowered.

But there was one tip involving kids and single moms that were giving people serious red flags — especially the moms. 

By now, we know that the internet isn’t the most reliable place for dating advice. 

Couple on coffee date
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

The progressive world of dating even gets halted in its tracks when some so-called “experts” tout their advice like its fact. Like when TikToker Kornelija Slunjski proclaimed that coffee and walks aren’t acceptable first-date options. 

Sorry, but not everyone can ride around in a helicopter-like on ‘The Bachelor'!

"First of all, I'm not a dog that needs to be walked," the TikToker explained in her viral video, which was aptly captioned “no to zero effort men.”

For the second reason, she explained that she has a coffee machine at home that works wonderfully.

Coffee date
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

She’s also firmly against meeting a date for drinks, as she said that she doesn’t want her date to get her drunk and try to take her home. 

So what is an acceptable first date in her mind? Dinner!

Slunjski selfie
TikTok | @kokobeaute

This gives her a chance to "study" the man by seeing his table manners, what he orders, and how he holds chopsticks.

The problem is that her advice fails to account for those who like walks and coffee dates.

Those people proceeded to slam Slunjski for being high-maintenance.

Woman confused
Giphy | Harlem

“Ummmmmm I like walk/hikes thank you very much people like you are what are making this world more materialistic,” one wrote. "Ends up on a yacht with a crusty old man in Florida," one user wrote. "That's so rude and disrespectful," a third added. 

This next dating expert isn’t feeling much love, either.

Madeline has been sharing her dating rules online. For example, rule #23 was "make him think you're obsessed with him so when you're detaching he misses it and becomes crazy obsessed with you."

Another dating tip was about texting.

Woman texting
Unsplash | Kelli McClintock

She advised women to act "completely uninterested over text," but then like "wife material in person" as a way to keep men on their toes. Some might refer to these tactics as "playing games."

It was number #38 that really had people pausing. 

Madeline at a cafe
TikTok | @madellinnee

“Remember ladies,” she wrote on a video of her at a cafe. “It’s okay to get heartbroken. Some girls are left with kids.” This struck a nerve with mothers, especially the single ones.

"We aren't left with kids we have a priority to make sure children are taken care of and are happy and safe,” one wrote. 

Teresa upset

"You didn't have to attack me like that,” added another. They didn’t like that she was making a mockery out of being a single mom after a man walks out.

"Is that funny to you? Making fun of single mums? Is that a joke?" another person quipped.

Mom with her kids
Unsplash | Alexander Dummer

“Take the heartbreak rather than be tied to the heartbreaker forever. This is you warning ladies!” Another proclaimed, jabbing back at Madeline’s advice. 

She tried to defend herself, assuring viewers that her advice was in good faith.

“Girls, I don’t mean to hurt anyone. Just wanted to increase awareness for the younger girls to take maximum care with boys" she wrote.

Yikes. Maybe rule #39 should be: don't offend hardworking mothers?