Women Open Up About Why They Lost Interest In Dating

Lex Gabrielle
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The dating pool is filled with a lot of different things. For many women, they find their soul mate. For others, it's filled with a lot of cute-looking fish that are fun for a little while. For others, there's nothing in there for them. Many women oftentimes dip their feet into the dating pool and then get out and dry off because they're sick of it and they're done swimming.

They enjoy being single.

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klaroline1 shared that being single is a great thing for her. She doesn't have to worry about anyone else or anyone else's feelings and for that—it's a blessing. Even if they did find someone, they enjoy only having to look out for themselves.

Men are too caught up on looks.

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shyblonde98 shared and many agreed that some men are too caught up in "false realities". They watch a lot of porn and think women have to look a very specific way and perform a specific way in order to be "good enough" for them.

Dating makes some women feel insecure.

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"I realized that the only times I felt insecure about myself was when I was actively dating. The men that I have dated loved the idea of a strong woman but did not know how to handle one. Their way to deal with it was to bring me down to them," shared the-screaming-otter.

It's always a one-way street.

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Puzzleheaded_Fig6314 shared that they are tired of giving their all to men and getting nothing in return. Dating ends up being a one-way street and many of the people that they don't end up putting any effort in themselves.

Dating apps suck.

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"Dating apps always seem high-risk, low-reward with the pressure to escalate sexually, figure out who is lying to just get something from you, either becoming emotionally invested in someone who is still unsure about you, or you have to let someone down who is more into you than you are into them," shared carefreedom17.

Guys want to get physical right away.

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Canwelsh said that they're tired of men only wanting to get physical immediately. No one takes the time out to really build a true foundation out of a relationship anymore, and even if they do, it has to start with sex before it goes to anything else.

Some women don't move on.

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PizzassyPizza said that she is a widower and she does not want to date because she does not think anyone will ever be equal or better than her late husband. Sometimes, it's impossible to move on from your one true love.

Too many games.

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coffee_in_the_fog said that dating is too many games. Far too often there is no "straightforward" dating. You have to wonder what the other person thinks, are they sending mixed messages, are they seeing other people, etc.

Many men want a mom, not a partner.

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5a1amand3r shared that the issue she has with dating is that men want a mother, not a wife or a partner. They want someone who will take care of them and baby them, but not someone they want to see as equal to them.

Some don't trust men at all.

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"Might be harsh, but I just typically do not enjoy being around men. I don’t find most of them to be intellectually or emotionally stimulating, and I don’t trust any strange men as far as I can throw them. The bar is in literal hell at this point," shared brieannebarbie.

Being happy works for many on their own.

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inveraveritas said she isn't into dating right now because she is content and happy with her life being single. She thinks that someone would take up too much time and she doesn't want to share her time with someone else.

Some are sick of "situationships."

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Zealousideal_Post837 said that they have developed a ton of anxiety due to situationships. Men will put you in a position to always question and wonder "what are we" but never give an answer to that.

Watching others suffer can be traumatizing.

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"I lost interest after seeing my friends suffer from breakup and venting to me about it. They were broken and didn’t know how to heal and move on. They came to me for help and to comfort them," shared NikkiRose88.

Others have been hurt too much themselves.

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thiswilltakeamiracle shared that they have been burned one too many times by men in relationships. She is tired of having to get heartbroken over and over again, and then have to rebuild herself from the ashes.

Being a single mom means less time for you.

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megikyu shared that as a single mom, men think it's so easy to have free time and time to see them. In reality, they have no time alone without their child and, that doesn't mean all of their free time needs to be spent with them.