More Men Are Lonely, Single Because Women Have Higher Standards, Psychologist Says

Ashley Hunte
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Online dating is a tough landscape to navigate. But, as studies suggest, the ones who actually have it the hardest on the apps are heterosexual men.

According to Psychology Today, the rise of dating apps and their impacts on modern relationships have also led to an increase in single, lonely men who have a hard time finding dating opportunities.

More and more adults are living the single life right now.

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Pew Research found that in 2019, 38% of adults between the ages of 25 and 54 are single, which is up from 29% in the '90s. In addition, men are more likely to be long-term single than women.

This translates to more men being on dating apps than women.

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Time Magazine reports that upwards of 62% of dating app users are men, meaning they have a much smaller dating pool than women who are seeking heterosexual relationships.

This research echoes what experts have been finding for years.

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Time Magazine went on to report that in 2013, Pew Research Center found that 13% of American males had used dating apps, while only 9% of American females had admitted to doing so.

Women tend to be pickier when using dating apps.

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Data from Tinder shows that on average, women tend to spend longer on the app than men, but men tend to swipe left on more profiles than women do.

Women are also beginning to have higher standards when it comes to relationships.

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According to Psychology Today, modern women are seeking relationship partners who have certain skills that many men are lacking in, particularly when it comes to communication.

Men are not as emotionally open as women would like.

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Women are beginning to set higher standards when it comes to healthy relationship goals, which means more of an emphasis on emotional connections with potential partners. Unfortunately, many men are finding themselves without these skills.

And thus, the cycle of lonely men continues.

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Psychology Today writes that men tend to be happier and healthier when in a relationship, but the lack of emotional skills they are taught as kids has them at a serious disadvantage in today's dating world.

With all the bad, though, comes a bit of good.

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Though men may have a harder time on dating apps than women, there's still a lot of hope for them in terms of finding a partner. It might just take patience.

One dating app's findings show that modern algorithms work.

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The popular dating app, Hinge, reported that their algorithms have actively led to a high chance of users having successful first dates with people they match with on the app.

There's also a good chance for a second date (and beyond).

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The app reports that 90% of first dates arranged through profile matches are successful, and out of them, 72% of participants would want to go on a second.

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