Guest Doesn't Want To Attend Their Friend's 'Game Of Thrones'-Themed Wedding

Emily McWilliams
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It's not unusual for couples to want to put their own unique spin on their wedding. For some, this means ordering a custom cake or doing a choreographed dance routine at the reception. But, there are those couples who decide to go all-out with an over-the-top themed wedding.

One person wrote into Reddit when they had some reservations about attending their friends' Game of Thrones-themed wedding. Was this couple going too far with their fandom or is this potential wedding guest simply overreacting?

Despite a disappointing series finale, "Game of Thrones" still has millions of fans worldwide.

Kit Harington in Hame of Thrones

In fact, it still ranks in the top shows watched worldwide even though the series ended in 2019 with less-than-stellar reactions from fans. A recent study found Game of Thrones reruns consistently beat out new shows in global ratings.

Recently, the highly anticipated prequel series "House Of the Dragon" made its debut on HBO and HBO Max.

The iron throne in House of the Dragon

The show is already considered a huge hit with its premiere drawing in about 10-million viewers. It was the highest debut for an HBO show ever and the the most viewers the network has had tuning in since the troubled Game of Thrones finale back in 2019.

So, it's safe to say that "Game of Thrones" fandom is alive and well.

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And, apparently, some people love Game of Thrones so much that they are even committed to throwing a GoT-themed wedding (which hopefully doesn't resemble the infamous Red Wedding in any way).

Reddit user u/Fluffy_Strain6713 explained how they were invited to one such event:

"My friend 'Lexa' is getting married soon. She and her husband are extreme Game of Thrones fans (they’ve watched the show 5+ times, their house is decked out with Game of Thrones themed decorations/accessories, etc). Because of their shared love of Game of Thrones, Lexa and her fiancé decided to have a Game of Thrones-themed wedding."

But, this Reddit user has some reservations about attending the Westeros-themed wedding.

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For the record, they have nothing against Game of Thrones or themed weddings!

"I am perfectly fine with the idea of a themed wedding. I am even ok with the Game of Thrones dress/costume for the wedding," they said.

Where they draw the line is with the ceremony being performed in High Valyrian, a made-up language from the show.

Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones
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Apparently, the couple also expects toasts and speeches at the wedding to be spoken in High Valyrian. This, on top of the fact that it's a destination wedding, has u/Fluffy_Strain6713 not wanting to go, so they reached out to the Reddit community to see if they would be considered an asshole for declining this particular wedding invite.

Overall, Reddit users were supportive of u/Fluffy_Strain6713's decision to sit this wedding out.

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"Your friends can have whatever kind of wedding they’d like. And as long as you are polite and graceful about it, you are not obligated to attend," one user said.

Agreed, just politely decline the invite and try not to make too big of a deal about the whole situation.

However, some people felt that they were too held up on the whole language situation.

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"What does the language being made up have to do with anything? Weddings are commonly held in languages many, if not most, of the attendees don't actually speak. I've been to numerous weddings that were in Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, and even one in Japanese," another user pointed out.

But, at the end of the day, multiple people said if OP doesn't want to attend a destination wedding then they simply shouldn't go.

Would you ever attend a themed wedding held in a fantasy language?

Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones

Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with it but I'd probably prefer a Lord of The Rings ceremony held in Elvish. The weddings in Game of Thrones don't have the best track record of being happy affairs.