SIL Gets Uninvited To Wedding But Shows Up Anyway In A White Gown

Lex Gabrielle
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There are many unspoken rules for weddings. One of the biggest, by far, is about color choice when attending someone else's wedding.

Even though it may be old school, there is a huge no-no when it comes to wearing white to someone else's wedding. It is just a very rude thing to do, even if the bride is not wearing white.

White is typically the bride's color of choice.

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The whole ideology is that white is pure and clean, which a bride "is supposed to be" before saying "I do" to her new groom. However, not all brides opt-in to wear white on their wedding day.

When they do, they're supposed to be the only ones in white.

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When a bride gets married, the attention is supposed to be on her and only on her. She is the only one in white, the central focus of the entire wedding day.

When someone else shows up in white, it's seen as rude and stealing the show.

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If a wedding guest shows up in white, many think that they are trying to be the center of attention and refocus the event onto them instead of the bride.

Recently, one Reddit post sparked some serious drama when a sister-in-law decided she would show up in white.

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"Groom’s sister is told prior to the wedding that her dress choice is inappropriate. Sister replies she will never speak to her brother again if he goes through with the wedding," the Reddit post starts off.

Then, the sister was uninvited to the wedding.

Groom's sister wears white dress to wedding
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Despite being uninvited, she decided to show up anyway. But, she didn't just show up, she showed up in a white, sparkly cocktail dress—looking like she was trying to make a whole scene.

The bride is very upset, which is understandable.

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"The bride is understandably very upset about what happened and posted something a few days ago about how she was disappointed that someone would act this way, but didn’t add any identifying info or name drop," the Reddit user shared.

But, it didn't end there.

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"Plot twist, the sister had separately posted a TikTok where she was claiming the bride was toxic and jealous, admitted to wedding crashing, mentioned how she had the last dance with the groom, and said she gives the marriage five years tops," the Reddit user continued.

The bride wanted the world to know.

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"The bride actually said on Facebook that she is deliberately not editing her photos because she wants everyone to know/remember that the sister pulled this whenever they look back at the pictures," the Reddit user added.

The sister claimed the dress was "not white."

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Online, the groom's sister said the dress was not white but instead was "champagne gold" so she couldn't quite understand why the bride was so upset with her dress of choice for the wedding.

People on Reddit were all types of confused.

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Dozens of people seeing the photo were very confused and thought that the SIL (pictured in the middle) was the bride and that the family was just posing alongside the bride. As it turns out, they were all wrong.

Others wanted to know why the family enabled his behavior.

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"But why did they take pictures with the sister? Pictures only enabled her behavior and will solidify in her head she is better than the bride. Why did they let her have the last dance? Again, enabling her behavior, the couple lost the war against the SIL," shared DrGPeds.

All I can say is: yikes.