Man Considers Skipping Sister's Wedding Over Her Ridiculous Demands

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As someone in the midst of wedding planning, I know how stressful the whole process can be. But having said that, I at least try to not micromanage everything. After all, things can and will go wrong no matter how much you plan ahead. So there's no need to panic or put ridiculous rules in place for those attending.

That's exactly what this one man encountered before his sister's wedding. You absolutely need to hear this story and let me know what you think.

A man posted on Reddit's AITA thread.

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He was asking people whether he was the asshole for not attending his sister's wedding. Before you get outraged, you have to hear his side of the story. It's quite interesting, I promise you.

This is how it goes.

Reddit thread about man not attending his sister's wedding due to outrageous guest rules
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The man says that his sister is getting married in three weeks, and he hasn't been involved in the planning. But he knows from their parents that that whole ordeal is a fancy affair that's costing the family over 50K.

Holy moly!

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But that's not the worst thing. It's actually his sister's outrageous demands. An email went out setting out the exact rules all the guests need to follow. And this man is not happy about it at all. Let's hear some of them. Shall we?

Get ready for this.

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"No one is supposed to take pictures except the photographer for the whole event. No facial hair will be allowed or you will not be pictured, or that any women with shoulder length or longer hair must have it cut or wear it in a pony tail."

Oh, okay, lol!

Here's the worst part, though.

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"According to the email, a gift of $300 value or more MUST be given (or $250 cash) or you will not be allowed into the venue. The email also ends with 'Those who choose not to follow these rules will be asked to leave. Please think of the bride and groom's wishes during this stressful time.'"

OMG! What?

No wonder this man is fed up.

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And he told his parents that he was not attending the wedding, and of course, his sister blew a gasket. But the thing is, their parents are actually siding with the bride. They even called him an "asshole" and said he was selfish.


Reddit comments about outrageous wedding guest demands
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Well, it seems that people on Reddit agree with the man and not his sister or the family. Most folks who commented on this post have said that they would do the same thing and opt out of attending the wedding.

I love this response here.

Reddit comment about ridiculous wedding guess rules
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Amen to that! The worst part of this for me is the fact that the parents are encouraging this behavior. They should step up and tell the sister that she's out of line and she can't expect people to follow these outrageous "rules."

What do you think of that?

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There's a fine line between having your dream wedding and doing it in a way that alienates people. If your own brother is bothered by these "rules," you should think about how the other guests may feel. A wedding is a celebration of love and joining the two families together, not tearing them apart. Do you agree with that?