Trashy wedding
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People Detail The Trashiest Weddings They've Ever Been To

When you’re invited to a wedding, a few things come to mind: a beautiful venue, people dressed to the nines, and gourmet food. 

What you don’t expect are fights breaking out, the groom cheating on the bride, and children serving the food. AKA trashy things that you’d find in redneck Amerca (or an episode of Maury).

These stories were shared when a Redditor dared to peek behind the veil and ask, “What's the trashiest wedding you've been to?”

The park wedding

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While a lot of planning goes into a wedding to ensure it goes off without a hitch, this was skipped for a wedding that took place in a park.

A Redditor shared that the couple showed up and found a spot. There were no decorations and the bride's family got cheap food from the Red Rooster drive-thru.

The tailgate

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"At a park. Pick-up trucks with Igloo coolers opened on the tailgate were the bar. Everything was served in red solo cups BEFORE the wedding. Everyone got drunk. The bride walked down the aisle drinking from a red solo cup instead of holding a bouquet. It was essentially a tailgate party with a preacher invited." - u/Butterbean-queen

The child labor

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The food at a recreation center wedding is pretty much what you'd expect: gross, frozen food.

What you don't expect are children under 10 years old serving the food, but that's what one Redditor got! They believe that some child labor laws were definitely broken.

The strip tease

Rachel from Friends
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"The bride and her sisters did a strip tease/lap dance on the groom immediately following dinner. In front of his grandmother." - u/JohnaldL. Yikes. Strip tease and wedding shouldn't go together. The wedding night, though? Have at it.

The hungry guests

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Sometimes, it's the guests who can make a wedding trashy, and not the bride and groom.

Like when the table next to one Redditor at a wedding ordered a pizza because it was taking too long to get their food. Who does that??

The court wedding

"My own. In a Mississippi judge's office with a bag of Cheetos on her desk. She wiped her hands on a napkin, grabbed a Bible, and did her thing with orange crumbs on her lips. Her work heels were not on because she was in her office. It was extremely rushed. I understand that she was on her break but we didn't mind waiting. Idk why they rushed us thru." - u/Zezima-RS

The rainbow tuxedo

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While you would think someone would learn from the mistakes of their first wedding, that didn't happen for one Redditor's father.

He wore a tuxedo T-shirt and rainbow mirror sunglasses for his second wedding. He also started drinking around five a.m. the day of...

The Scooby-Doo theme

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"Camo print wedding dress that was borderline see-through. Walked down the aisle to the Scooby-Doo theme. No, nobody knows why they chose that song, including the couple themselves. They divorced a few months later after they both stopped cleaning the house in an act of defiance against one another." - u/Much_Difference

The Hooters wedding

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One wedding took trashy to a whole new level when it took place on the beach behind Hooters. The officiant stood next to a trash bin and, as if it was planned, the trash collector pulled up during the vows and changed the bag.

The suburban wedding

Redneck wedding
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"Wedding was in a suburban driveway. The maid of honour stole the bouquet from someone’s garden and the best man proudly announced he had shoplifted the rings. The groom wore a button-down shirt that said ‘[expletive] off’ in fancy lettering." - u/HopelessEmu

The standing wedding

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While open bars aren't always a given at weddings, chairs usually are.

Well, except for this one wedding a Redditor attended. They wrote that everyone had to put their drink on the ground and hold their plate to eat.

The mother-in-law

Monster in Law
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A wedding is pretty much the worst place for family drama to happen.

And yet, there are so many stories of it happening, like when one mother-in-law took a swing at the bride on the dance floor.

The shotgun wedding

Ross and Rachel
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"I once worked a wedding where come time for the first dance no one could find the groom. Turns out, he went to the resort’s shooting barn to shoot clay pigeons. Upon learning this news, the bride reacted by cursing up a storm on the dance floor." - u/Catsandsnacks22

The surprise wedding

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Some weddings are a wild, wild time. Literally. A Redditor shared the time a bride and groom invited their guests to Buffalo Wild Wing for a surprise wedding.

They didn't even reserve the restaurant so you can see strangers coming out of the bathroom in the photos. facepalm

The funeral home

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"I went to a wedding in a funeral home once. Drove by it three times before realizing that is was in fact the correct address for the venue. Reception and ceremony were there.. completely dry wedding too." - u/kelserino1994

The help

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When you attend a wedding, everything is usually set up when you arrive. The keyword here is usually.

This Redditor attended a wedding that required the guests to set up tables and write their own thank you cards. There was also no food.

The redneck wedding

Redneck wedding
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"I was the maid of honor because the original maid of honor was in county jail for prostitution. The groom's name was Bubba. His best man was his brother Skeeter. At the rehearsal, the preacher discreetly told the bride that she should have a 'back up plan' in case her dad was unable to walk her down the aisle (booze-related)." - u/Listlessyoungold

The KFC theme

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A whimsical theme for a wedding is nice, and so is rustic and romantic. But a KFC theme? Nope. That's what one Redditor's co-worker did, in addition to playing music from a boom box and letting her dogs crap all over the driveway during the reception.

The fist fight

Redneck wedding
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"Went to the reception after-party at the groom's house and groom and his father got into a fistfight on the front lawn. Cops were called but the cops knew the dad so they settled father and son down and left." - u/MusselsMcGee16

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