Nurse Apologizes For Natalia Dyer Plastic Surgery Vid By Critiquing Her Own Face

Ashley Hunte
An image of Miranda Wilson before her facial injections.
TikTok | @np.miranda

A TikToker who was quickly slammed for a video in which she "suggests" the kinds of injections Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer could get done to her face, has taken to TikTok once again to apologize for her post.

In a now-deleted TikTok (which has been reuploaded by other social media users), cosmetic nurse practitioner Miranda (@np.miranda) discussed the kind of injections she would use for Natalia Dyer's face.

Many internet users took offence to the nature of the original TikTok.

In it, Miranda makes a number of suggestions for various injections around the face, including the jawline, brow line, and lips. All the suggestions would completely reshape Natalia's face.

She even included an "after" picture, showing how Natalia's face would change.

Miranda in front of two images of Natalia Dyer; one photoshopped.
twitter | @probablypersian

The differences would, in fact, make Natalia look like a completely different person. This is one of the reasons why people took offence to Miranda's original TikTok.

Another reason is that these kinds of "suggestions" create insecurities in people (especially women).

There were many tweets and other comments that discussed the idea that women need to uphold various beauty standards, while men typically do not, or at least not to the same extreme.

And of course, many took offence in the way the TikTok openly critiques Natalia's appearance.

Though Miranda did take time to compliment Natalia's acting, the way she critiqued Natalia's appearance seemingly out of nowhere had a lot of fans upset.

After deleting the original TikTok, Miranda uploaded an apology video.

A phone displaying the TikTok logo.
Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

In it, she wanted to "clear the air" about the purpose of the original, writing in the caption, "I was not suggesting that Natalia NEEDED any of that work it was just an example."

She states in the TikTok that her intention wasn't to offend anyone, least of all Natalia.

A needle with a yellow liquid in it.
Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

"As an advanced injector that's what we do, we look at faces, we assess and look at the possibilities. Not on what you need to do or have to do, they're simply just options."

She then shows the work she's had done on her own face.

Miranda's face before she had any injections done.
TikTok | @np.miranda

She states that she would get tension headaches due to clenching her jaw, and injecting Botox into the masseter muscles helped "relieve tension and slim my face."

She also explains other fillers she had injected into her face.

A gloved practitioner holding a needle.
Unsplash | Sam Moghadam Khamseh

Her other injections included in the lips, around her cheeks, and under her eyes. In addition, she lifted her brows in order to "even" them and create more shape.

Finally, she shows an after photo.

Miranda showing how her face looks after injections.
TikTok | @np.miranda

The after photo shows how her face has a visibly different and much slimmer appearance than the before. Interestingly, many of the injections Miranda had were similar to the ones she'd suggested for Natalia.

At the end of the day, though, she did acknowledge how others felt.

While it was not her intention, Miranda's video had a lot of people feeling upset over the idea that women need to change their faces in order to fit beauty standards.

The apology video, which was posted on July 26th, has over 286 thousand views. Comments have been turned off for the video.