A woman standing in front of a TV screen showing a Kardashian at the gym.
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Trainer Takes Kardashians To Task On TikTok Over Workouts On Show

Whether you love them, you hate them, or you're just on the fence, it's pretty hard not to be curious about what the Kardashians are up to at any given time. Fans from all over watched them for 20 seasons on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and continue to watch them on their newest show, simply titled The Kardashians.

One of the world's most talked-about families is back at it again.

That new reality show might only be a couple of months old, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan is already making headlines. Again. This time, it's Kim and Khloe in the front seat, after a perplexing clip of the two working out surfaced.

A popular fitness TikToker picked up on the clip and watched it in shock.

A woman with her hand over her face as a TV screen behind her shows a Kardashian working out.
TikTok | @sohpianikki

Sophia Nichole (@sophianikki) posted a video to her 120,000 TikTok followers, simply titled, "I'm sorry WHAT." It shows Sophia watching Kim and Khloe working out, performing push ups, bicep curls, and other movements. It's all rather... interesting.

Text overlay on the TikTok reads, "POV: Watching The Kardashians working out as a personal trainer."

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TikTok | @sophianikki

Through a comment left on the video, which has garnered over 8.7 million views since it was posted a few weeks ago, Sophia says, "Just for the record - this is not a shot at the women. More so how and why no one is helping them?!?! Like the resources!!?!"

Other users had to agree with that.

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One commenter wrote, "Those push ups sent me over the edge."

"The swinging in the bicep curls," another pointed out.

Another commented, "Like I want to tell her to engage her core these celebrity trainers literally don’t care."

Many think it's probably fake or overdramatized for TV.

Jimmy Fallon sitting and saying, "That can't be real, right?"
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One comment reads, "The trainer is probably really their chef. He’s there for props."

Another says, "I swear they were doing this just to get more publicity for the show there’s no way lmaooo."

Sophia then posted a follow up video explaining how the Kardashian sisters could improve their workouts.

"Alright, I'm gonna explain with more clarity what could be different in that clip of our lovely Kardashian sisters," she says at the beginning of the video.

Overall, it seems like nothing they've done in the clip was correct.

A woman talking while standing in front of a TV screen showing a Kardashian working out.
TikTok | @sophieanikki

"There's an obvious lack of muscle control," Sophia continues. "Kim should really slow down the reps and lower her shoulders. I would love less swing in Khloe's bicep curl."

"Just slow down the reps and try and get a full range of motion."

An animated graphic showing a person working out slowly and in control.
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"I know these women do a million things a day but I think with all of the resources there has to be a trainer that can tell them to just slow down, work their bodies in an effective, safe, real, transformative way," she says at the end. "And so they don't have to do that on live television."

The comment section was pretty appreciative of Sophia's workout corrections.

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Whether the Kardashians actually see this or not, at least some people out there will understand that there's a right and wrong way to work out.

One commenter wrote, "Ohhhh I did NOT get that those were supposed to be push-ups I legit thought they were a new type of.. wrist wreckers."

But as it stands, people are still pretty convinced that they don't actually exercise like that.

A woman saying, "I'll believe it when I see it."
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One commenter wrote, "I think it's just for TV. It’s pretty clear they have never worked out."

At the very least, it looks like they've never done those exercises before.