Terminally Ill Girl Achieves Dream Of Presenting TV Weather Forecast

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Sometimes in life, things happen unexpectedly and so fast that it changes the way we plan for the future. When we receive bad news about our health, it can completely turn our world upside down.

The dreams and plans we once made are now put in jeopardy and we are not sure where things are going to go. Fortunately, there are always moments of joy and light, even in the darkest of days.

Laura Nuttall was given a grave diagnosis at just 22 years old.

22-year-old brain cancer diagnosis in hospial
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Nuttall, a British student, was told that she only had 18 months to live after she was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. Her family wanted to ensure she had all the help and support she could get.

One of Nuttall's dreams was to do the weather forecast on the news.

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Nuttall shared that part of her bucket list of things she really wanted to do, presenting the weather forecast for BBC was one of them. After being diagnosed with cancer, she wanted to live out her bucket list dreams.

Nuttall got to live out that dream.

Laura Nuttall Brain Cancer diagnosis
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The 22--year-old got to meet with BBC North West Tonight forecaster Owain Wyn Evans and on live TV, she got to read the weather report to viewers tuning into the news. Nuttall shared she never thought she would be able to do it.

She even got the whole treatment at the studio.

Laura Nuttall getting makeup done at BBC studio
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Nuttall got to have her makeup done by a professional makeup artist in the BBC studio before she was sharing the platform with Owain Wyn Evans and go to jump in on camera to present the pressure map.

Nuttall's mom said that her family just wants to give her a normal life and experience.

Laura Nuttall BBC Weather forecast
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"We're just trying to give things for Laura to look forward to and having something to get up for each morning really helps. She does of course have bad days, when the chemo takes its toll and she struggles to get out of bed. And when that happens, it's really good to know that there's a great day out coming down the line," her mother, Nicola Nuttall shared.

Although she was given such a short time to live, her family was lucky to find treatment to help their daughter.

Laura Nuttall graduation
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On GoFundMe, her family said that they were able to find an immunotherapy treatment available only in Germany, and with help from people online to raise money, they were able to get here there on a regular basis and her body responded well to the treatment.

And, Nuttall was able to do a lot for herself while battling such aggressive cancer.

Laura Nuttall graduation
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Even though she was battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, Nuttall was able to go back to school at Manchester University to finish her studies and graduated with a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics.

Now, the family is asking for help.

Laura Nuttall graduation with parents
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The family shared that a routine MRI scan revealed regrowth on the site of an original tumor that Nuttall had. She had surgery at the end of March and now, they need to have further treatments that require a lot of money.

Fortunately, the family was able to exceed their GoFundMe amount.

money from different countries piled on top of each other
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The family was looking to raise £80,000, and, they were able to do so with the help of people all over the world. Now, their daughter is able to have a fighting chance.