Stanley Tucci Thanks His Wife For Her 'Undying' Love Amidst Cancer Battle

Taylor Sakellis
stanley tucci
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Stanley Tucci is, in a word, an icon. A legend. An absolute friggin delight. There are actually not enough words to describe what Stanley means to me, because he is an enigma wrapped in a riddle of love, acting talent, and pasta.

Now, the veteran actor is opening up about his private cancer battle, and how he wouldn't have gotten through it without the love of his wife, Felicity.

Stanley Tucci is one of the most celebrated and well-respected actors of our time.

Not only is his range incredible and highly impressive, but his personal life is just as interesting and endearing.

For example, did you know that Tucci's sister-in-law is Emily Blunt?

Nope, I'm not lying.

He's married to Emily Blunt's sister Felicity, which means family gatherings (along with John Krasinski) must be an absolute hoot. I know I would definitely want to be invited.

But his private life hasn't been always such a walk in the park.

stanley tucci
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In fact, he had to battle cancer, something that a lot of his fans didn't know about.

But now, the Julie and Julia star is opening up about his private battle with cancer.

The Oscar nominee was diagnosed with cancer at the base of his tongue back in 2017.

The 35-day radiation treatment followed by seven sessions of chemotherapy ravaged his sense of taste and smell, leaving him dependent on a feeding tube, as reported by People.

A few months after his treatments ended in 2018, the actor slowly began to regain his strength and ability to eat which, to someone like Stanley, meant the entire world.

stanley tucci and his wife
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However, the 61-year-old made it clear he wouldn't have gotten through everything without his wife, Felicity.

"Felicity's undying attention, affection and encouragement got me through it," he gushed.

stanley tucci and his wife
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If you need to grab a tissue to wipe the tears by your eyes like I am, go ahead.

There is nothing more heartwarming than reading about Stanley Tucci saying the sweetest things about his wife. This is true love!

He also loves that his wife shares his passion for cooking and cuisine, telling People:

stanley tucci cooking
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"I couldn't be with someone who didn't care about food. I just wouldn't be attracted to them."

I can definitely understand that. Food is life (both literally and figuratively).

I'm just so happy Stanley is thriving!

stanley tucci
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What I want for him is a long life full of joy and happiness. I'm so happy he's doing so well, and wish him and his wife nothing but the absolute best!

h/t: People