David Krumholtz Will Return As Bernard In The Upcoming 'Santa Clause' Series

Taylor Sakellis
David Krumholtz in The Santa Clause

If you're like me, you're ready for Christmas. I know, I KNOW it's only July but dang!

We're basically in back-to-school time which comes after summer, and after summer, I'm ready for Christmas!

As a lover of this magical holiday, this waiting time is the worst. However, I have some news to really brighten your day and it involves an update on the beloved Christmas film turned Disney+ TV series, The Santa Clauses.

"The Santa Clause" trilogy is incredibly important to millions of fans.

the santa clause dancing scene

Well, the first two are for sure really important — I could personally take or leave the third film, but that's beside the point!

It wouldn't be Christmas without seeing Tim Allen be the ultimate Santa Claus.

The last "Santa Clause" film came out in 2006, meaning it's been almost 16 YEARS since we've seen what the Scott family is up to.

the santa clause scene on the sleigh
Walt Disney Studios | Walt Disney Studios

Thankfully, that's about to change as it was announced back in January that the beloved movie franchise is getting a TV show reboot!

As reported by Deadline, the show will follow Scott Calvin as he approaches his 65th birthday and realizes he can't be Santa forever.

the santa clause

Scott has a family that could benefit from his presence at home, so he's on a mission to find the perfect replacement.

Of course, it's hard to imagine him doing any heavy lifting without his right-hand man, Bernard!

Thankfully, it has been confirmed by Deadline that actor David Krumholtz will be reprising his role as the beloved and sassy AF Bernard the Elf in the upcoming Disney+ show, "The Santa Clauses."