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Couple In Their 90s Renewed Their Vows On Their 70th Wedding Anniversary

When people get married and say their vows, they only hope and dream that they will make it to their anniversary decades later.

Everyone dreams of the ideal marriage, the one that lasts for a lifetime. Some people are lucky enough to have them—to make it 50, 60, or 70 years of marriage with the love of their life. And, when they do, they have a lot to celebrate.

Making it to 70+ years of marriage is a gift.

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Not everyone gets to experience a love that lasts a lifetime. In fact, many marriages don't make it to withstand the test of life and the test of time. Many marriages, unfortunately, end in divorce.

However, there are those special loves that deserve celebration.

Patricia Hoefling and her husband John Hoefling, from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, were married for 72 years. To celebrate the occasion, they decided to renew their vows, even though they're in their 90s.

Patricia and John's granddaughter, Shelby, shared a video from their special day.

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Patricia and John got married on April 12, 1947. For their 72nd anniversary, the couple decided to showcase their love for all of their friends and family. It was quite the party.

Patricia had smiles on for the whole day.

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Shelby shared some behind-the-scenes video footage of her grandparents on their vow renewal day, with her grandmother making jokes that she's "done this before." She was all smiles and excitement for the vow renewal.

The couple was dressed their best, as well.

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John wore his full uniform for the ceremony, having previously fought in Vietnam and Korea. His wife, Patricia, is a retired teacher, and she came dressed her best to her wedding vow renewal in an ivory lace outfit, with pearl earrings and a matching necklace.

The two recited their vows gracefully in the video.

Couple Renewing vows tiktok video
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Shelby, their granddaughter who shared the video on TikTok, showcased that the two recited their original vows, promising to love each other for all the days of their lives—after 72 years together so far.

At the end of the video, Shelby shared that they would have been married 75 years.

Wedding anniversary renewal tiktok video
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In a heartbreaking ending, Shelby shared that the two would have been married 75 years on the day she shared the video online. Her grandmother, Patricia, who survived her grandfather, says she still loves John every day as she vowed to.

In another TikTok video, Shelby shared her grandmother visiting her late grandfather.

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Despite being gone, Shelby shared that her grandmother still visits her grandfather's grave every chance she gets. In the video, Patricia can be heard talking to her late husband, telling him how much they miss him.

People online were touched by the video.

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Many TikTok users commented saying that they were so touched to see how their love has lasted for so many years. "It's too early to be crying in my coffee cup. so beautiful," shared a TikTok user online.

Many were also heartbroken to learn that John had passed.

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"I found out grandjack existed and that he’s no longer with us within 3 minutes…thank you god for giving them 72 years together, RIL grandjack," shared a TikTok user on Shelby's video.

Others said that their love was "the epitome" of a lifetime together.

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"God bless ur nan I'm sure she had the most wonderful 72 years together with ur grandjack and to have such a beautiful family to be there for her," said a TikTok user. Others agreed that their love was truly something beautiful.