The Internet Is Divided Over Bride Who Wants The Beach 'Shut Down' For Wedding Day

Sarah Kester
Beach wedding
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Beach weddings can be a real son of a beach — just ask one bride.

In addition to the intense heat and the unpredictability of Mother Nature, there's the lack of privacy. Beachgoers could be on jet skis while you're saying your "I dos" or photobombing your precious pictures.

This led a bride to have only one option: shut the beach down.

The 24-year-old newlywed took her dilemma to the "Am I The Asshole" community on Reddit.

Bride and groom
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It's a subreddit on Reddit where users post their problems and let the internet decide whether they were being the jerk in that particular situation.

She began by explaining that she recently had her wedding on the beach of a beautiful hotel in Cancun.

Reese Witherspoon beach wedding
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Everything started off well: "Many of my friends and family could go so I was very happy," she wrote. The only problem was the other beachgoers.

During their ceremony, they were playing in the water or enjoying jet ski activities.

Person on jet ski
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"It really bothered me because they would appear in the background so I told my wedding planner about it," she wrote. "She was very understanding and said she would fix it."

But when she talked to the owners of the jet skis and the people in the water, they weren't accommodating.

Alec Baldwin saying shut it down.
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"We expected them to be kind and nice, but they just declined and continued. I even took the time to go myself and ask them to stop but they didn’t care."

She was on the verge of going and speaking to the hotel.

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But her husband stopped her, saying that it would be the jerk thing to do. "I told him standing up for myself wasn’t an AH thing to do."

When she spoke to them anyway, they said there was nothing they could do.

Anne Hathaway as a bride
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"When I returned my husband was moody and I wonder if it really was an AH thing to do. AITA?" the bride asked a bunch of Redditors who were practically licking their lips, waiting to respond.

If you already guessed, they weren't on her side.

Jim Halpert
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"Has she ever heard of PHOTOSHOP? Hell, my husband would be like, 'hey come party with us and pose in our pics. Let’s go boogie board later,'" one Reddit user commented.

In addition to being an "asshole," she's been labeled a "bridezilla."

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"This bride is not only a bridezilla but also a dumbass to think they would be alone on a beach and that she could police the tourists," someone wrote. "People are spending their money to be there just as she did."

Some predict that she will be divorced soon.

Divorced couple
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"People like this are literally what is wrong with world! Self absorbed, diva, entitled, selfish, prima Donna intolerant broken human. Huge AH. Will be divorced in no time," a user harshly commented.

People who had or attended beach weddings shared their stories.

Happy wedding couple
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Reddit user rafster929 wrote that their friend's wedding was ruined by several people, including fat men in tiny speedos and balding sunburned men. But instead of freaking out about this, they embraced it.

"They could photoshop them out but the bride and groom were relaxed and we all joked about it and it was a fun day for everyone," they wrote.

Fun wedding
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"Then there’s this couple…" they added.

Another user was curious about how the bride would shut down the ocean. "How do you shut down the ocean?" they wrote with two laughing emojis. "As if the ocean is gonna be like 'oh I’m gonna stop for the night.'"

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