Young Bride Praised For Keeping Gray Hair For Her Wedding Day

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Many women look at their wedding day as a day to go all out and look their absolute best. Many brides go the extra mile and do cosmetic upkeep and procedures to look and feel good, and sometimes that means doing things they don't do on a regular basis. Manicures, pedicures, hair coloring, facials, tanning, and waxing are just a few things brides do leading up to their special day.

Many brides feel the need to pamper because of timeless photos.

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Wedding photos are those things that are going to be around forever. They go in albums, they're shared on social media, and eventually, you show them to your kids and grandkids.

It's no wonder women want to look special.

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As it's "your special day" and the video and photos remain in our lives forever, it's no secret that women feel the need to do more than usual on their wedding day. Plus, the attention is on them for the entire day.

Recently, one bride made some headlines for going against the grain for her wedding look.

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Kadeja Jackson made some serious fans on social media recently when she shared photos from her own wedding day. Besides her look being timeless and flawless, she did what most women fear doing for their own wedding.

Jackson married her long-time love in June.

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The two have been together for 20 years, meeting each other back in high school when they were just teenagers. They felt that it was the perfect time to finally cement their love.

"It really couldn't have been a better time because we would've got married 20 years ago but we wouldn't have been able to have a wedding of our dreams," she told Insider.

For her wedding, the Florida bride decided to embrace her gray hair.

The 38-year-old told Insider that she started going gray back when she was 16 years old. Many women would dye over those silver locks for their wedding, but Kadeja decided to do the opposite and embrace her natural color.

It took a long time for her to love her locks, though.

Jackson said for years, she would dye over the grays that came in, as her natural color was starting to go totally silver. But, her roots continued to come in so she eventually decided to stop dying over them.

For her wedding look, she went with a chic updo.

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Her hair was pulled up in an "old Hollywood glam" look that really showcased those silver strands. But, alongside that gorgeous white gown and her makeup, she looked like an absolute work of art.

After her makeup artist shared a TikTok video of her, people online were obsessed.

Many people on TikTok commented saying how absolutely flawless Kadeja was and how incredible she looked on her wedding day. Many people felt inspired by her embracing her natural hair color.

And, other shared they too went gray at a young age.

After hearing that the bride had begun going gray at 16, many shared they, too, had gone gray at that age. Some say that they went gray even younger, starting at 11 or 15. And, some said that they struggle with embracing it the way that Kadeja can.

Kadeja was surprised by how many people were interested in her look.

However, she said she can also understand how people are interested in her hair and embracing her natural color.

"I can see how because at one point I didn't want it. But it's empowering because you feel comfortable being yourself," she shared.

Kadeja thanked her hair stylist, makeup artist, and all the other people who made her wedding so special.

Makeup artist Codrington, who goes by @mua_ttt_tia on Instagram truly made sure Kadeja had the makeup of her dreams on her special day. And, her hairstylist Martine Saintval, @moncherihair, was sure to showcase her locks and make them the star of the show.