A Bride Actually Offered Better Food To People Willing To Give Her A Gift

Jordan Claes
Guests toasting at a wedding.
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A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love, but it can also be an incredibly expensive undertaking for any couple. This is why it's become customary to bring a gift to show your appreciation.

Many couples create a gift registry in order to give guests an idea of items they might like. But one bride recently took things to a whole other level and offered better food to those guests willing to give a better gift.

Don't get it twisted — weddings are outrageously expensive.

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According to TheKnot.com, the average cost of a wedding in 2021 was $28,000 USD. When you factor in the cost of the engagement ring, that number shoots to $34,000 USD.

In order to help the bride and groom shoulder some of that cost, it's tradition for guests to bring a gift.

Couple kissing on their wedding day.
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This is why a monetary gift is superior to something like a toaster or a vacuum cleaner — because cash helps the newlyweds pay down their debt.

So the question then is how much should you give as a gift?

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After consulting WeddingWire.com, it seems that the majority of wedding guests tend to gift anywhere in-between $75 to $200 — with the average coming in right at $160.

However, one newlywed couple recently decided to do things a little differently, and now the internet is having a field day.

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The RSVP card read, "So that we may prepare your preferred dinner, please circle your gift level and indicate a meal choice for each person in your party."

Loving Gift: Up to $250

A plate of roast chicken.
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That's right, the couple's tiered meal options start at a whopping $250, nearly $100 more than the national average! For that amount of money, guests have the option to choose between roast chicken or swordfish.

Next on the list is the "Silver Gift" option, which comes with a price tag of $251 to $500.

A plate of sliced steak.
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With the "Silver Gift," guests have the option to choose from any of the aforementioned meals, as well as sliced steak and poached salmon.

The "Golden Gift" tier will cost you anywhere between $501 to $1000.

A plate of lobster tail.
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Yes, you read that correctly. Just as before, the "Golden Gift" includes all previous meal options available, but with the addition of filet mignon or lobster tails.

Finally, we arrive at the "Platinum Gift" tier, which costs a staggering $1001 to $2500!

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Once again, all meal options are available. The only addition in this tier is the option of a 2 lb. lobster, and it also comes with a souvenir champagne goblet.

What's even worse is that vegan or kosher options are only made available at the "Platinum Gift" tier.

Vegan bowl of food.
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Here's to hoping that all guests with dietary restrictions also happen to have deep pockets. Otherwise, they'll be going home hungry.

Not surprisingly, Reddit users hit the roof once they discovered the couple's RSVP card.

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"These people have lost their damn minds," one Reddit user round_robin959903 wrote.

"Everybody should just say their gift was over $1k, eat the 2lb of lobster, and laugh thinking about the couple opening their $40 toaster later," another quipped.

Thankfully, the couple later retracted their tiered meal RSVP and claimed the whole thing was a joke.

RSVP wedding card with tiered meal options.
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I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't be laughing upon receiving this. In fact, it would probably make me rethink my relationship with the couple altogether.

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