New Trend Has Brides Getting Haircuts In The Middle Of Their Weddings

Kasia Mikolajczak
bride's hair shown from the back
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Okay, let me ask you something, are you a spontaneous person? How about when it comes to your wedding? If you answered "yes," I've got a fun yet strange idea.

You see, there's a new trend taking over social media, and it has to do with brides changing their hair on their wedding day. Oh, yeah! You read that right. Let's find out what it's all about.

We're no strangers to seeing brides change gowns after their ceremony.

bride in red dress and white veil
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It's actually a custom in some cultures. I attended a Chinese wedding where the bride wore a traditional red dress for the ceremony and changed into a white wedding dress for the reception.

That was definitely something.

Carrie Bradshaw looking surprised

However, here's one trend I never thought I would see. Get this — brides are now chopping their locks off after the ceremony and surprising everyone, including their groom afterward. Holy, moly! That sounds a little scary to me.

It's an interesting idea, though.

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How did this even get started? Well, you can blame social media for it, haha. It definitely takes a brave bride to attempt something like that. Am I right? I'm not sure if this is something I would consider doing on my wedding day.

Typically you have your makeup and hair try-on a few weeks before your wedding day.

woman getting her hair done
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I just went through that myself and figured out the style I would like to have on my special day. But to go for a totally new look on the spot. I don't know about this.

As I said, it takes a bold bride to do that.

But if you trust your hairstylist, then I guess you have nothing to worry about, huh? So take a look at this amazing bride who did just that. OMG! I would be on pins and needles throughout this whole process, haha.

Here's another bride who did the same.

She showed up to her wedding reception in the cutest shorter hairdo. Aww, I really like this look on her. How about you? I think it's very pretty.

It looks like everybody really loved it.

That's actually pretty cool, huh? And then there's this brave bride who did it as well. Oh my goodness! These ladies must have nerves of steel, hehe. I don't know if I could handle it.

So what do other people think of this?

TikTok comments
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Surprisingly a lot of ladies are praising it. I like this woman's take on it. She says it feels like you're removing your old life and starting new. What do you think of that?

Is this recent bridal trend for you or not?

woman saying "yeah I don't know about that."
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I don't know about that. Call me boring, but I think I rather stick to the old-fashioned way of doing things. I want to know what my hair will look like on my wedding day instead of just leaving it to chance. I don't need to create more anxiety in my life, especially on this very important day.