Man Doesn't See Issue With Proposing To GF At His Brother's Wedding

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When it comes to weddings, a lot of people have unspoken rules that they believe guests should follow. This has to do with what you can and cannot do at someone else's wedding. Things like the color you wear, how much money you give as a gift, or even how you act with your significant other matter to the bride and the groom on their special day.

Many brides ask that women don't wear white.

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One rule is that a woman should not show up in a white dress to someone else's wedding. This is because it's standard for brides to wear white, and they do not want to be "outshined" on their wedding day.

Another is that you should "pay for your plate."

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Giving a wedding gift to someone else can be confusing by wondering how much to give. But, you should always give at least what your plate of food costs at the wedding.

Last but not least, many feel you shouldn't try to take away from the wedding day.

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This can include proposing to your significant other or even sharing news, such as pregnancy news, on someone else's wedding day — this can take away from the bride and groom and their own event.

Recently, however, a Reddit user asked if he was wrong for "violating" one of these rules.

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A Reddit user asked the community if he was wrong for proposing to his girlfriend at his brother's wedding reception. At first, it may seem crazy, but he explained his decision.

He said they had walked down to the beach alone.

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"We were alone, no one was even paying any attention to us at all because there were 100 people there. I just asked her 'so, beach at sunset... will you marry me,'" he shared.

The two took a selfie to commemorate the moment.

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They didn't tell anyone at the wedding, but a few days later, his new fiancé posted the photo on social media to share the news with their friends and family. It was clear the picture was taken the night of the wedding.

When his brother and sister-in-law saw the post, they were angry.

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His brother was mad that he would ever propose at his wedding and his sister-in-law felt that they made a "mockery" of their wedding by doing what they did. However, he thought there was nothing wrong with his actions, as they didn't really tell anyone that night.

Some people felt he was definitely wrong.

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gnarled_gnat said that of all the ways to propose to someone, it's not that hard to avoid doing it at someone else's wedding. There are 100 other ways you could have done it, just not at your brother's wedding.

Another person said, why not ask his brother first?

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spyd3rm0nki3 said if he really wanted to keep it hush-hush and not make a problem, he should have asked his brother if it would be okay before even doing it, so they could avoid making it a thing.

However, others said he didn't really do much wrong.

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Primary-Criticism929 shared he was ready to say the guy was totally wrong, but then he said that they didn't announce it at the wedding and waited several days later to share the news, so really, he's not totally wrong for what he did.

Others agreed with this.

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"The whole reason you shouldn't propose at someone's wedding is because the attention should be on the bride & groom and because it would be rude, insensitive etc to steal the attention from them.

If you and your now finance were alone, didn't tell anyone until after the wedding and literally nobody knew about the engagement at the time therefore you didn't steal any attention from the ones getting married," shared Dagnabit_sundae.