Uber Driver Wonders If He Got Scammed By Man Who He Helped Grocery Shop

Ashley Hunte
The produce section of a grocery store.
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While ride share drivers probably put up with a lot of nonsense, their stories don't usually take the same kinds of twists and turns as this one, uploaded to TikTok.

Last week, Keeon Sarlak (@keezycomedy) posted a video in which he shared a story about an older passenger who may or may not have scammed him out of some groceries.

The whole, bizarre story starts with Sarlak picking the man up from the hospital.

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"So tell me if I got [expletive]," he starts, before getting into the story.

"I'm Ubering today and I pick up this old guy from the hospital who apparently had been in the hospital for three months."

Since the man's condition wasn't good, Sarlak figured he'd have to help him get in and out of the car.

The produce section of a grocery store.
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"Guy gets into my car and is like, 'I'm going to need your help grocery shopping,'" he says. Sarlak had some sympathy for the guy's condition, so he agreed to it.

But it seemed that the man had some pretty unhealthy habits.

A lit cigarette that's balancing on a fence.
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"He gets himself cigarettes, he gets himself sausage, he gets himself margarita mixer, like, anything unhealthy, he got it." Sarlak continued by saying, "And I'm thinking 'alright dude, this is gonna be a long [expletive] Uber ride.'"

And then, when they got to the cash register, the man's card didn't work.

A person holding a card reader while another person inserts their bank card into it.
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"I paid for it. He gave me $50 in cash, he owes me 30 bucks, says, 'I'll give you the rest of the money when we get to the ATM.'"

"[We ] get to the ATM and his card gets swallowed by the machine."

"I was like, 'you can just pay me through the app, you can just tip me extra through the app, no problem.'"

Then, Sarlak finally took him home, and the man began smoking a cigarette in the car.

"So I'm taking him to his crib, he lives in a gated community, really nice community."

A gate outside of a large house in winter.
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"We get past the guy at the gate, and in order to get to his crib we have to go through another gate. I type in this code, and I'm driving up this hill."

As it turns out, the man who may or may not have scammed Sarlak owns an estate.

From the back seat, the passenger said, "'Welcome to the Lion Estate.'"

A mansion directly in front of a large pond/lake with a fountain.
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He describes the property (not pictured) as having a lake, a ranch, a mansion, and some other homes. Understandably, he's pretty confused as to what's going on.

He ends the video by saying that the man was going to figure out a way to pay him through the app.

As of now, that man hasn't paid him.

The original story has over 1.4 million views as of this week.

A few days later, Sarlak posted an update, talking about how the man hasn't paid him back for the groceries yet, but he isn't really mad about the whole experience. He hasn't posted any further updates at the time of writing.

The story went viral, with viewers praising Sarlak's patience and kindness.

Alex Trebek saying, "Good for you."
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"Even if he doesn’t pay you, good karma definitely will," one commenter wrote.

"I hope he pays you. [You] went way above and beyond," said another.

One joked, "You’re in his will now."

Even if he might have been scammed, he did the right thing.

A man shrugging as he says, "It's the right thing to do."
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Another commenter said, "You are a good person. Someday someone will repay your kindness."

Sarlak replied to some commenters, saying that he's tried contacting the man, but hasn't gotten a response.