Women Share How They Get Creeps To Stop Bothering Them

Lex Gabrielle
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Being a woman can be incredibly hard. Not only do we make less money than men in many industries, but we also get far less respect than men.

Not to mention, we're not always safe when we are alone. Many times, women are catcalled and bothered whenever they are out by creeps who think it's okay and appropriate to bother them. Many women have had to come up with ways to combat this. So, they're sharing their ideas and tricks.

Be nuts.

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pink_bunny07 said that she likes to act like a crazy person to scare off the creeps. No guy wants to be talking to someone if they are actually insane. Fake it until they get away from you and walk the other way.

Make them super uncomfortable.

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Petitcher shared that she likes to stare at them, without blinking, and just keep on staring until they feel so uncomfortable, that they probably end up leaving.

Or, they feel like they are in danger themselves because who stares like that for that long?

Tell them you worship Satan.

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Obi-DoneKenobi said that she tells guys who won't leave her alone that she is a member of the Satanic Temple. She can go on and on about all of the things she worships in that temple. Not many people are into that.

Many say walk away.

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If a guy is bothering you, the majority of Reddit users say to walk away and ignore them. Straight up turning around and walking the other way is a great way to ensure they do not keep on bothering you.

But, if they do, find help.

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SunflowerShakes shared that if you ignore a creep and they start to follow you, go into the nearest store or bar and ask for help. She prefers bars because bouncers tend to be rather helpful when guys are bothering women.

Be confrontational.

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steelevickie said as she's gotten older, she's become more confident and confrontational with guys who do not leave her alone. Now she has no problem telling a guy to "expletive off" and give them a piece of her mind.

Make up a wild story.

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mynamecouldbesam said that you should make up a rather scary and morbid story, like, that you would love to stay and talk but you have to move out of your house because you have too many of your exes buried under the patio.

Act like an animal.

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Adviceplsss111 says that in person, they bark like an animal at anyone who bothers them. Just straight up act like a dog and bark your head off until they run in the other direction. Make them think you have rabies.

Just be direct.

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Magg5788 says that being direct can be helpful. If someone is making you uncomfortable, straight up tell them that they are making you uncomfortable. Tell them it's inappropriate and to leave you alone for the foreseeable future, AKA forever.

Be super loud.

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sunshineandcats21 said that she was followed around by a guy all night at a wedding and it was making her super uncomfortable. So, she said "no" very loudly, loud enough for everyone to hear. So, he left her alone after that.

Play very dumb.

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wastingATP says she likes to play dumb and act like she has no idea that she is being hit on or even being approached. She laughs really loud, faking it, and pretending she has no idea what is happening.

Get the police involved when needed.

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funkyskyrim pointed out that if someone is bothering you frequently enough that it's becoming a problem, you should always alert the authorities or get the police involved to ensure your safety to stop it.

Block them online.

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euromay reminded everyone that sometimes, creeps aren't always in person and are online. If you can, block them all and make sure they cannot contact you ever again. This will put an end to any harassment.

Wear a fake ring.

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Katja24093 said if you're not married, pretend that you are when you're alone. Guys will see a ring and some of them will take this as a sign to not bother a girl as she is unavailable.

Fake an illness.

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ScarlettSparrow says you can always fall to the ground and pretend that you are having a seizure or heart attack. Totally make a scene and get everyone involved. They won't want to stick around to see how it ends up.