Women Share Their Best Responses To Catcalling

Lex Gabrielle
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Getting catcalled is a staple of many women's existence, unfortunately. Women oftentimes feel unsafe and scared when they are alone because many men do not respect their space or boundaries at all.

When women are alone, or even when women are together in groups, men feel that it's okay to yell, whistle, or hoot at them from a distance in order to express interest. Women are sick and tired of being seen and treated like objects. So some of them explained on Reddit what they do to counter catcalls.

Some enjoy the ability to bite back.

ace ventura bite
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"I enjoy flipping them off, rolling my eyes, shaking my head, or telling them to go suck a [expletive]. Generally, the smaller the gesture the more pissed guys get because they feel like you're 'acting better than them,'" shared wassup_witches.

Others make it weird.

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nosyreader96 shared that her favorite thing to do is make it "really weird." She stares and makes direct eye contact with them, but doesn't say a word. Just stares at them. The guy sooner or later feels very uncomfortable.

Get real aggressive.

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Lionsloyal shared that if "she dares," she crosses the street and acts like she is interested, but in an aggressive and uncomfortable way for the man. That way, they start to know what it feels like to be aggressively pursued.

Smart responses.

yelling woman
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Glittering-Listen-70 shared that her mother likes to yell back that "she's allergic" any time she is catcalled anywhere out in public. It is certainly a funny but smart response that anyone would be disgruntled or surprised by, that's for sure.

No response is a response.

walk away
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Remastered_99 said that no response is in itself a response. And I could not agree more.

"Don’t respond in the slightest, it’s what they want and they’ll be bummed when they don’t get it. Just keep walking knowing you hot."

Compliment them back, but make it strange.

woman yelling
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NurEinBikini said that whenever a guy compliments her body, like saying she has "nice boobs," her response is always, "Thanks, you too!" No man wants to hear that they also have nice boobs. Make it really weird.

Some wish to throw eggs.

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"I really want to carry eggs with me to throw at them, but: I'm worried about my safety It's food waste It's quite embarrassing to throw eggs at someone.

I feel like safety is more important, unfortunately, but if you feel you are in daylight, very public view, could answer something," shared waterywatershere.

Go for the deep voice.

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estrellaizarr said that no matter what her response is, she responds in a deep and manly voice. A lot of guys get put off by it and even grossed out—so, why not make things really awkward in that way?

Laugh in their face.

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Snoo52682 said the best response is just to laugh directly in their face. No man can have someone laughing at them, especially in front of their friends and their "boys." Laugh at them so they get the impression that you think they're a joke.

Bark back.

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nibbs- shared that there is no better comeback than making it like you're totally crazy. Bark at them. In a deep, rough, voice, you should just bark at them like you have completely lost your mind and you think you are a dog.

Pass gas.

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aware_nightmare_85 said that the best response is to squeeze out a fart in their general direction. Many men think that women don't poop or fart, so if you do it, you will definitely gross them out. Make it stink.

Ask them awkward questions.

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taylorsway2527 shared that you should ask them if they want to buy your dirty underwear for $200. Not only do they "get something," but you also get $200 that you didn't have before. It is definitely a win-win situation.

Treat them like a beggar.

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barbiejew said that they always respond, "sorry, I don't have any spare change." That way, they feel like you are looking at them as a beggar—which they totally are at this point anyway. Might as well make them feel bad about what they're doing.

Throw a tampon.

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justexhaustedpanda said that she enjoys just taking out a tampon and throwing it at them. It's harassment, in its finest, when they catcall you—why not hit them with some actual feminism and womanhood? Fight fire with fire, in a way.

Or, just walk away.

walk away
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EmpatheticBadger shared that many times, responding can put you in danger and it's best to walk away to protect yourself—especially if you are alone and by yourself at night. Always stay safe! That will always be the most important thing.