Woman Debates If She Should Tell Her Friend That Her Husband Is Sending Her Creepy Messages

Lex Gabrielle
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When you have a best friend, you oftentimes become close with their significant other/spouse. As you spend so much time with your bestie, you tend to build a relationship with their partner, too, because they're a package deal.

Whether it's spending time at their house or going to grab dinner together, you build a pretty tight bond because some friends are like family.

Many times, spouses value friendships with their partner's friends.

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It's not uncommon for a spouse to want to have a good relationship with their partner's friends. They can come in handy many times, like when they are trying to plan surprises or even get their wife a special gift.

However, there are times when the line of friendship can get blurred.

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There are some people in the world that don't understand boundaries and can blur the line between respectful friendships and creepy relations. No friend wants to be in that position of whether or not to tell their friend the real, hard truth.

Recently, one wife wrote into BuzzFeed's advice column seeking advice on what to do in this very situation.

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The woman shared that she befriended her best friend's husband, as the three spend a lot of time together frequently. Getting to know your best friend's spouse is pretty normal, I think we could all agree on that.

Her friend's husband has been messaging her on Facebook a lot recently.

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She claims she didn't think much of it because, as she said, they're close friends. However, she also thinks that the husband "may have a little crush on her," too.

The messages, however, have taken a turn.

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The woman said the messages were innocent but now have gotten creepy and crossed a line. The husband has messaged her asking what she's wearing, telling her she's gorgeous, and saying he "wished she was there."

The woman's boyfriend also isn't happy with the messages.

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As she's in her own relationship, her boyfriend has said the messages are inappropriate and too frequent, too. The woman is unsure what to do exactly and how to handle it in this weird and awkward position.

Clearly, this man has some major problems.

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First of all, any man who is in a relationship, married or not married, and is messaging other women saying things of this nature—they're pigs. If you cannot be in a monogamous relationship, then don't be. But, don't string someone along while you play around.

She should 100% tell her friend.

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Next, she needs to tell her friend. Regardless of how close they are, no woman deserves to be played and lied to—especially when your best friend knows the deal. She should sit down with her friend and tell her the truth.

Also, take screenshots.

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Many times, unfortunately, women may not believe other women for the sake of wanting to believe their husbands aren't that bad. But, if you have proof, there is no denying what is right in front of your face.

Hopefully, this won't ruin their friendship.

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Fingers crossed that her friend is thankful that she tells her the truth and is not angry, and that their friendship doesn't suffer. But, she should be prepared that there may be a rift—at least for a little while—because these things can be painful.

And, lastly, someone needs to put this guy in his place.

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If this guy is messaging her still, he clearly hasn't taken a hint. The woman should tell him off and tell him how wrong and inappropriate his messages are. And—block him for the rest of her life.