Fans Praise Jennifer Lopez After Introducing Her Child With Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Taylor Sakellis
jennifer lopez and her child emme on stage together singing
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If this is the first article of mine that you're reading, know this — I am a big Jennifer Lopez fan. Like, massive. I believe she is one of the greatest artists of our generation and that she was robbed of her Oscar nomination for Hustlers.

However, I'm not here today to talk about what an unstoppable triple threat she is. Instead, I'm here to rave about what a brilliant and kind mother she is — a part of her life that I don't think gets enough credit.

As fans of Jennifer Lopez know, the 52-year-old is a mother to 14-year-old twins — Emme and Maximilian — who she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

For the most part, J.LO's children remain far from the spotlight. In fact, the last time fans saw Emme was during mom Jennifer's Super Bowl performance back in 2020.

Recently, however, fans were treated to a performance by this sweet duo during J.Lo's performance at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala.

Introducing Emme on stage, the 52-year-old used gender-neutral pronouns for the 14-year-old as she told the crowd: “The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this.

"I ask them to sing with me all the time, and they won’t. So this is a very special occasion."

The crowd cheered as the two belted out Christina Perri’s "A Thousand Years" with Jennifer getting on her knees and singing directly to her child during one part of the performance.

Following the powerful performance, both of Emme's parents showed their support for their child on social media.

Sharing photos from the event, fans got a closer look at Emme's brightly colored rainbow microphone and their reaction just moments before going on stage.

Dad Marc shared a throwback photo of Emme from their Super Bowl 2020 performance with a caption saying he is "so proud" of his child.

"I am forever yours," the singer added.

What an amazing and heartfelt way to honor your child and show up for them! Way to go Mark and Jenny!