8+ Strict Rules Jennifer Lopez Follows To Look Incredible In Her 50s

Avery Gillis
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It's no secret that getting that six-pack is hard unless you choose to devote your lifestyle to it.

It's not impossible, but it does take time and dedication. J-Lo managed to do it, but not without a lot of hard work!

Jennifer Lopez, who is in her 50s, is in the best shape of her life.

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And she looks absolutely incredible, I might add.

She's made it very clear that she doesn't use Photoshop or edit her photos.

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Any pic of J-Lo is 100% her body, and she's proud of it! But, she also works super hard for it.

There are actually quite a few strict rules that she follows to maintain her toned body.

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Because as we said, getting that six-pack takes a lot of hard work and dedication!

And sure, when you're a major Hollywood star, it might seem like you can only achieve what she has by having a ton of money.


But it turns out that her rules are pretty reasonable!

1. No coffee.

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If she does drink coffee, it has to be decaf.

“I haven’t had caffeine in years," she told Hollywood Life.

2. No alcohol.

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This one seems like a no-brainer if you're trying to tone up and boost that clean-living lifestyle. But it's not always easy to follow if you're constantly being invited to swanky Hollywood events!

3. Water, water, water.

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"Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water, especially before a workout, can help you push harder and get more out of your exercise routine," she explained.

4. No smoking.

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"What you eat doesn't just affect your body; it can also affect the way your skin looks," she explained.

5. Never EVER skip a workout.


We've all had those days where you'd rather do anything but go to the gym, but Jen knows how to push past it.

"Sometimes, I work too late the night before, and I’m like, ‘Ugh, I can’t do this.’ But I tell myself, ‘Just do it. It’s only an hour.’ It’s just talking yourself off the ledge of being a lazy bum," she said.

6. Exercise three or four times a week.

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Jen doesn't have to hit the gym every single day, but it's still pretty frequent.

7. Use a trainer.

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"When I’m in New York, I work out with David Kirsch — he’s an amazing trainer. When I’m in L.A., I work with Tracy Anderson. I like the balance that they both give me. They have two totally different approaches. I like switching it up with my body," she said.

8. Get 8 hours of sleep, every single night.

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We all know that getting a good night's sleep is important for your overall health, and Jennifer takes that very seriously.

"I make it a priority to get eight hours' sleep a night," she revealed.

9. Don't give in to the cravings.

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When the cravings hit, she turns to protein, she explained.

"Protein is my go-to whenever I start having cravings. It fills me up and keeps me full longer. It's a great muscle fuel."

10. No processed foods.

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It makes perfect sense that she's all about clean eating. She sticks to a balanced, nutrient-rich, organic diet, and won't touch processed and refined foods.

11. Restaurant dining is no exception.

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Even when she goes out to eat, she won't indulge.

"I'm a very social person and love spending time with my friends and family, so when we go out to eat I try to make healthy choices. Most restaurants offer healthy, low-calorie meals so I watch for things on the menu that fit my lifestyle. I'll have a salad or some fish with veggies. And I make sure I drink lots of water throughout the meal," she explained.

12. Strict snacking.

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Besides eating balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Jen always makes sure that when she's looking for a snack, it's always healthy. She's usually reaching for the vegetables, and loves to share them with her kids!

13. Sunscreen — always.

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Beyond diet and exercise, Jen makes sure that she's always protecting her skin.

"I’m rarely in the sun, but if I am, I wear a lot of sunscreen. I’ve never been one to take a lot of sun, which is why my skin has maintained itself," she said.

14. Wash your face after a workout.

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Jen explained why this is an important step after hitting the gym. "I always, always wash my face after a workout. That helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy," she said.

And there you have it!

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J-Lo's lifestyle definitely isn't for everyone, but it works for her!

Do you have any tips or tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle that works for you?


Be sure to share them with us!