10+ Celebrity Children Who Look Nothing Like Their Parents

While there are many celebs kids who are spitting images of their famous parents, the same can't be said for everyone.

Whether the gene pool got a little wonky or a kid takes more after one parent than the other, there are just some families who make you do a double-take.

This is the case with these 10+ celebrity children who look nothing like their parents.

Jessica Alba and her daughter, Haven

Haven looks totally different from her parents, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. She definitely stands out with her strawberry-blonde locks!

Tom Cruise and his daughter, Suri

Tom and Suri couldn't be farther apart (both literally and figuratively) since there have been reports that they haven't seen each other in years.

Suri lives with her mom/twin, Katie Holmes, instead.

Kim Kardashian and her daughter, North

The eldest Kardashian-West child may be absolutely gorgeous like Kim, but she's still more like her father's child.

They have the same features, and it helps that she's a total daddy's girl.

Robert De Niro and his son, Elliot

Elliot is the son Robert had with his ex-wife, Grace Hightower.

Fun fact: Robert actually has six children!

Nicole Richie and her son, Sparrow

One look at Nicole's kids, Sparrow and Harlow, and you're left thinking that Harlow looks so much like The Simple Life star.

Sparrow isn't left out, though; he takes more after his rocker father, Joel Madden.

Beyoncé and her daughter, Blue Ivy

From the moment Blue Ivy was born in 2012, she's been a spitting image of Jay-Z.

With the couple's twins, Rumi and Sir, there is still a big chance that they end up looking like her.

Gisele Bundchen and her son, Benjamin

With a gene pool like Gisele and Tom Brady, it doesn't matter who you end up looking like, so long as you take after one of them.

In this case, Benjamin looks more like his quarterback daddy.

Gwen Stefani and her son, Kingston

Gwen may be blissfully happy with Blake Shelton, but she's reminded of her ex, Gavin Rossdale, every day.

That's because Kingston looks so much like his dad!

Alec Baldwin and his daughter, Ireland

Thanks to her blonde hair and model good looks, Ireland looks almost nothing like her father and almost everything like her mother, Kim Basinger.

We think this is for the best.

Bruce Willis and his daughter, Rumer

With five children (three with Demi Moore), one of them is bound to look like the Die Hard actor!

Sadly, though, it's not Rumer who takes after her mother with a similar face and and dark hair.

Demi Moore and her daughter, Tallulah

While Rumer looks nothing like her dad, the same can be said with Tallulah and her mom.

Tallulah is just one shaved head away from being Bruce's twin, if you ask for my opinion.

Kris Jenner and her daughter, Khloé

Looking nothing like her mother (or the other Kardashians, for that matter) has always been a sore subject for Khloé.

This has even led to rumors that Robert Kardashian isn't her dad at all. Yikes.

Ben Affleck and his daughter, Violet

The only reason Violet looks nothing like Ben is that she looks everything like Jen!

Since the former couple are also parents to two other children, one is bound to take after their old man.

Eric Roberts and his daughter, Emma Roberts

This one is certainly interesting since Emma actually looks more like her famous aunt, Julia Roberts!

They are basically the spitting image, while you couldn't tell that Eric is her dad.

Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes Leon

Thanks to Lourdes' dark hair and dark features, she looks totally opposite from her mom.

If anything, Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, looks more like the famous pop star!

Melanie Griffith and her daughter, Dakota

Dakota may have starred in Fifty Shades of Grey, but she is not 50 percent of her mom. More like 25.

Instead, she takes more after her father, Don Johnson, and even goes by his last name.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son, Patrick

Well, this is about as awkward as it gets if you ask me.

We just don't see the resemblance between him and his famous father. We do, however, see the resemblance of Arnold and his love child, Joseph...

Kourtney Kardashian and her son, Mason

This is another Kardashian child who takes more after the father than the mom.

Mason especially looks like his dad, Scott Disick, when he slicks back his hair. We wonder if he's a Lord, too?

Christina Aguilera and her son, Max

Christina Aguilera and her son, Max, are as close as can be, but you would never be able to tell that they're related!

They look nothing alike, but he truly is the cutest little bean out there.

Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter, Anja

Ambrosio doesn't model as often as she once did because now, she is busy being a mother to two!

Her daughter, Anja, has her own Instagram (run by the family), so maybe she will follow in her mother's footsteps!

Neymar and his son, Davi Lucca

While Davi Lucca is probably living his best life as the son of one of the greatest soccer players in the world, most people probably won't realize they're related.

Lucca looks nothing like his father!

Sofia Vergara and her son, Manolo

Both Sofia and her son, Manolo, are STUNNING, that is for sure.

But as for their resemblance, it's hard to see it, if you ask me! I would never be able to tell that they were mother and son.

Kelly Preston and her daughter, Ella

Kelly Preston is the mother of three gorgeous children, one of which is her daughter, Ella.

While it's unsurprising to see that they are both breathtaking, Ella doesn't really look like her late mother.

Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter, Kelly

Kelly Osbourne is basically an exact replica of her mother.

She has very little to almost no resemblance whatsoever to her famous rock star father. But she is just as charismatic and opinionated as he is, that's for sure!

Ron Howard and his daughter, Bryce

Sure, they might not look alike, but that doesn't really matter.

They're busy taking over Hollywood as Ron is a crazy famous director, and Bryce keeps adding more and more movies to her filmography.

Kevin Bacon and his daughter, Sosie

Sosie is the youngest of two children, and she looks very much like her mother.

They might not look similar, but clearly, his talent runs through her blood! This video definitely proves that.

Johnny Depp and his daughter, Lily-Rose

Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

She looks EXACTLY like her mother. It's astonishing, really. You can not find Depp anywhere in her physical appearance.

Sylvester Stallone and his daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet

This is truly hilarious to me (and to many others, I'm sure).

All of his daughters look the same, and yet somehow, none of them resemble their father even a little! It's a great looking family, nonetheless.

Nicolas Cage and his son, Weston

While they have a similar shape of the head, the resemblances seem to stop there between this father and son.

Over the years, however, they certainly do look more and more alike. So we'll check back in 10 years.

Ron Perlman and his daughter, Blake

Blake definitely has the same shape of the head as her father, but like Cage and his son, the resemblance stops there!

However, she also doesn't look too much like her mother! She seems to haven taken bits and pieces from both of them.