McDonald's worker mugging in front of overly complicated and aggressive order
TikTok | @codybuege

Restaurant Staff Make Slam Poem Out Of Oddly Complicated And Aggressive Order

A group of restaurant workers have turned an annoying customer's bizarrely intense and overly complicated delivery order into an impromptu poetry slam.

Even if you haven't worked in retail or the food service industry, you've likely heard some nightmarish horror stories from those who did. But while it's not hard to see why such jobs wouldn't be so attractive to people who clock in wondering whether the customers or the management will ruin their days, that doesn't mean restaurant workers can't still have some fun.

And granted, that fun can often remind us why it's unwise to mess with the people who handle our food, but sometimes an employee's chaotic energy can work in a customer's favor when they're nice.

But sometimes, an order will come in that's so weird on so many levels that it reaches a legendary status. And that probably has a lot to do with why the staff of one restaurant recently decided to get creative.

On May 29, some employees at a New York City restaurant called Harlem Public decided to regale TikTok with a little poem called "Free."

McDonald's worker smirking over customer's weirdly complicated and aggresively-worded order
TikTok | @codybuege

And while you'll see why it's called that soon, it helps to know that this person was trying to order a Wake N Bake burger that's supposed to come with "drippy" egg and what they described as a Micky D's hashbrown.

At first, the order sounds normal enough aside from the fact that it's in all capital letters, which likely inspired the idea to read it dramatically.

After all, some people don't like their eggs to run and it's not unusual for restaurants to ask how thoroughly you want your burger cooked.

But things quickly took a turn for the weird after this person got a little precious about not making their hashbrown too hard and putting it on the side.

McDonald's worker making silly face as she stands in front of weirdly complicated and aggressive order
TikTok | @codybuege

Because they really seem to emphasize that they want their sauces, seasonings, napkins, and utensils to be free. So much so that they put the word "free" as a full sentence after mentioning each one, even if they've already established that they want them for free.

Personally, though, my favorite part is when the customers demands "No blood on my meat!" out of nowhere.

Curiously, the hashbrown wasn't the only thing they wanted on the side as this also applied to the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

McDonald's worker mugging in front of overly complicated and aggressive order
TikTok | @codybuege

Presumably, they wanted a strange little side salad with their order. Free.

Appropriately, uploader Cody Buege and his friend Maggie ended the video by dramatically yelling "free" a bunch of times.

Naturally, Buege's commenters were as amused as he was and particularly liked Maggie's performance.

And one common theme in the video's comments concerned servers who seemed to have waking nightmares at the idea of breaking the news to their temperamental chefs that they'd have to make something this overly specific.

Maybe it would soften the blow a little to show them this video first.