johnny depp waving at fans from his car outside the courtroom
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Johnny Depp Says He Made Breakfast For Fans Waiting Outside The Courthouse

There are few people in Hollywood that have as much support as actor Johnny Depp. Starting back from the beginning of his career in the '80s, Johnny has captivated fans with both his films and personal life.

Unsurprisingly, these dedicated fans have been showing up to the courthouse every day as he and his ex-wife Amber Heard continue their highly anticipated trial.

In a new video, the 58-year-old is overheard saying he brought breakfast for these fans.

All eyes are on the long-awaited trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard which began last month.

Johnny is suing his Aquaman star ex-wife for $50 million for defamation in connection with her 2018 Washington Post essay. Amber is counter-suing the Pirates of the Caribbean star for $100 million.

As the trial motors on, Johnny's fans have continued to show up for the actor every single day.

Those who don't get one of the limited seats in the courtroom just wait outside all day to see a glimpse of the actor entering the courtroom in the morning and leaving in the afternoon.

Now, it's being reported that the "Sleepy Hollow" actor rewarded these dedicated fans with a tasty waffle breakfast earlier this week.

In a video obtained by Pop HQ, Johnny is seen arriving at the courthouse with the windows down and loud music playing — as per usual.

As he gets out of the car, he waves to the screaming fans and tells the reporters: "I just made breakfast for all of them this morning: Waffles”

Johnny then walks up to the security guards and shakes both their hands and gives a final nod to fans before entering the courtroom.

The video has since gone viral on Twitter.

While there's some speculation on social media questioning if the actor's claim was a joke or not, it's clear Johnny's fans love him very much and will support him every day until the trial is over.

The actor has also made headlines after referring to these dedicated fans waiting outside the Virginia courtroom as "relatives" this past month.

This feel-good breakfast story is going viral amidst allegations of Johnny using a derogatory term toward his fans.

According to testimony given by Johnny's former friend, the actor was a very different person under the influence.

Tillet Wright testified that when the actor was sober, he "understood" that he influenced people and was "kind and generous," but when he was drunk or drugged, he would turn "cruel," as reported by The News.

Wright alleged that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor compared his fans to a type of suckerfish.

“He would insult his fans, he called them — I remember, he called them remoras, which is a type of suckerfish that attaches itself to the hull of a ship and puts a hole in it and then sinks it," he testified.

Johnny's fans seem unphased by the allegations and have continued to stand by the actor on social media and in person at the courthouse.

The trial's closing arguments are set for Friday, May 27, with jury deliberations beginning when those closing arguments conclude.