Body Language Expert Analyzes Johnny Depp And Amber Heard In Court

Taylor Sakellis
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All eyes are on the long-awaited trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard which began earlier this month. Johnny is suing his Aquaman star ex-wife for $50 million for defamation in connection with her 2018 Washington Post essay. Amber is counter-suing the Pirates of the Caribbean star for $100 million.

While everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about the controversial case, a body language expert is weighing in.

TW: This article contains discussions of domestic abuse and may be triggering to some readers.

Court TV spoke with body language expert Janine Driver to analyze the small details in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's behaviors that most viewers at home would have missed.

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While listening to one of the many audio recordings in court, Janine claimed Amber was displaying "contempt."

"It's on the left side of her face right there. It's moral superiority, and it's out of place, especially for a battered woman. I work with battered women... they're not leaking contempt."

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"They're leaking sadness and fear. These are two emotions we have not seen on Amber Heard's face yet."

Janine proceeds to say she's seen similar looks of contempt on people like Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, and Anthony Weiner.

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"The bigger the audience, the more often we will see contempt. And we're seeing it every single day on Amber Heard's face. Never once on Johnny Depps' face." she continued.

Janine went on to say contempt is one of the seven universal emotions that can't be hidden on a person's face.

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Moving on to Johnny, Janine spoke about Johnny's occasional smile when testifying on the stand, particularly during tense or uncomfortable moments.

Tying it back to the childhood abuse he testified about, Janine explained that there's a scientific reason behind his reaction.

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"When people feel weak or vulnerable or emasculated they'll often smile in those moments," Janine explained.

"It's a way to not let us see how much suffering they're in. It becomes a defense mechanism that people will use throughout their life."

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"I'm sure Johnny Depp has been doing this for years... This smile right here is saying 'I'm uncomfortable.'"

Switching back to Amber, Janine analyzed how the actress was touching her face while listening to another audio recording in court.

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Janine tells to viewers that when anyone's levels of stress and anxiety are increased, one of the ways our body deals with it is by touching our face.

"It's like recharging your cellphone. It does a cognitive reset, and it does an emotional reset," she explained.

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If that wasn't interesting enough, Janine goes on to share the significance of where exactly is Amber touching her face, and what it could mean.

When Amber placed her fingers on her forehead, Janine said: "This is indicative of shame."

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She goes on to point out that Amber hasn't shown any "microaggressions of sadness" throughout her eyebrows or corners of her lip as one would expect.

Speaking about these now-infamous audio recordings, Janine weighed in with her opinions.

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"All of these recordings, for me.. I'd throw them out of court. Of course, she's going to be whistling dixie saying good things in these audio recordings, most of them."

"Who knows she could be acting. This does not prove she is a battered woman... like the article said in the Washington Post," she concluded.

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If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, please visit the link here.

h/t: Court TV