Domino's Worker Claims To Show Secret Of How Supreme Pizzas Are Really Made

Mason Joseph Zimmer
hand grabbing hunk of pizza toppings at Dominos
TikTok | @peter.4pf

Although many of us have went through our whole lives being told how bad fast food is for us, the consistently high profits those chains have makes it clear that most of us have quite the soft spot for it anyway.

Nonetheless, that doesn't mean we're going to happily eat whatever slop these companies may see fit to put in front of us. And that's why we tend to listen whenever people working the front lines in that industry warn us away from the items that they know for a fact are risky to eat.

And it's with such warnings in mind that some of them will make TikTok videos showing us exactly how our favorites from those chains are really made. Granted, that's not always the case as it can be fascinating just to see the process behind making a Big Mac.

But as we're about to see from one Domino's worker who's offering us a peek behind the curtain, that doesn't make it any easier to look away when they do actually have an unpleasant secret to reveal.

On May 4, a Domino's employee named Peter uploaded a TikTok video that purported to reveal what they really put on supreme pizzas.

hand reaching for scattered pizza ingredients in TikTok video
TikTok | @peter.4pf

And contrary to what the name would suggest, the toppings aren't carefully selected, but rather consist of the runoff from the other pizzas made that day.

As his description suggested, this is done in the interest of waste prevention.

Furthermore, Peter also showed that he cobbles those toppings together by haphazardly grabbing them with his bare hands and tossing them into a small bin.

hand holding hunk of pizza toppnigs over plastic bin
TikTok | @peter.4pf

And while it doesn't seem hard to believe that Supreme pizzas at Domino's really are topped with what he shows here, it's hard to know whether the process is usually this unhygienic.

After all, his other videos have featured him pull stunts in an apparent attempt to get fired for at least a month by now.

And that's why he seemed incredulous when one of his commenters told him that this video would finally make his manager show him the door.

hand grabbing hunk of pizza toppings at Dominos
TikTok | @peter.4pf

But regardless of whether it was due to the secret he was revealing or the way he was handling the toppings, a significant number of his commenters were disgusted by what they were seeing.

As one user put it, "This is why I don’t eat out anymore."

Peter seemed to take a lot of pleasure in this response and apparently hoped he could make others feel that way.

That said, others didn't see anything wrong with what he had to share and figured it was actually a sound strategy to use as much of your resources as possible.

As one person put it, "I see nothing wrong if it’s gonna get cooked and it’s still in contained space with hopefully cool temperature it’s smart."

In the words of another, "Good idea. Loaded toppings, minimal waste."