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Fast Food Workers Reveal What Items People Should Stop Purchasing

It's no secret that fast food isn't good for you.

Most are made with absurd amounts of fat, grease, and salt. And that's even before we get into the sugar or portion sizes!

But certain fast foods are better than others. That's because certain establishments prioritize cleanliness and quality above all else.

To help you weed through what to eat and what to avoid, fast food workers on Reddit spilled on tea!

Milkshakes from McDonalds

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This story is chilling. A former worker shared that a mouse had died in the machine at some point and had been been chewed up by the internal mixer...

"Yeah, I don't get shakes from there anymore and I eye the ice cream especially hard," this Redditor wrote.

Movie theatre snacks

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"I used to work at a movie theater. Unless things have changed, never order the hot dogs...they sit there for a long time. 'Butter' most likely gets removed from the pumps and put back in jugs for the next day...so don’t do that, And stay away from pickles." - u/afihavok

Soda from fast food restaurants

"I worked in a local coffee and donut shop and nobody ever cleaned the soda machines. They were so gross the first time I cleaned them. I asked if anyone knew how to do it and nobody knew, nobody had ever done it." - u/kikiorangutan

Grits at waffle houses

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This comes from a waffle house cook who says that nothing is remotely healthy on those menus.

He says that grits can sit for hours and managers will try to keep them looking fresh, even though they cost next to nothing to buy.

Shrimp entrees at Panda Express

"Don't buy any shrimp entrees if you actually want to a full meal. They purposely use a smaller serving spoon to make it appear you're getting a lot of food. I believe it was 6 shrimps per serving max was the the policy." - u/noodlez5120

Juice at Jamba Juice

"I work at a Jamba. I can only think that our blender bases aren't cleaned but once a day and only with water. That, and our smoothies are based on fountain stands that get cleaned every three days or so depending on how busy it is." - u/thesixwalkingfarts

Meat Mountain sandwich from Arby's

"This is a sandwich with every type of meat we have in the store. If you wanna look it up, enable safe search." - u/ReconPorpoise. Well tickle us curious! searches and stares in horror

Decaf coffee at Burger King

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"Maybe this was just the one I worked at, but we didn’t actually brew any decaf. Whenever someone ordered it, my manager would just have me water down the regular coffee." - u/halnation

Ice Capps from Tim Hortons

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"I worked in several Tim Hortons as a teenager. The Ice Capp machine never gets cleaned. Never ever. One of the girls I worked with went into anaphylaxis after making herself an Ice Capp at the end of her shift. She had a severe penicillin allergy." - u/interrobangin_

Meat from Subway

This former worker shared that all the meat comes packaged. So when you open up a package of turkey, it smells like human farts. Also, a pound of mayo is added to the tuna.

Coffee from AMC Theatres

"Worked at an AMC theater for 2 years. Do not buy the coffee unless it's early morning when we first open. Otherwise you're gonna drink coffee that's been sitting out for a solid 5 hours, at least." - u/cleversystem

Bread twists from Dominos

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"Dominos worker here. Nothing gross really that we do, but for the love of god stop ordering our bread twists. (Unless you want the cinnamon ones). You can order the Parmesan bread bites. It’s the same amount of dough in total for like 3 bucks cheaper." - u/feelikekobe

Additional toppings from Subway

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The saga continues! The same worker also shared that if you go to the restaurant in the morning, all of the extra meats/cheeses/vegetables/bread, etc, from the night before are used before they use the fresh stuff.

Frozen foods from Panera Bread

"Nothing’s gross or illegal but just know that half of everything we serve comes in frozen. Soups, meats, some pastries and the Mac and cheese/pastas all comes in frozen." - u/angry_jets_fan.

They also added that the calorie count for the mac and cheese is insanely high.

Bacon cheddar potato wedges from Jack in the Box

"It's fake cheese with fake bacon on fried potatoes. I'm trying to remember the ingredient list on the cheese but I distinctly recall nowhere on the packaging did it say it contained dairy. It also smells like feet." - u/SwordWife

White mocha drinks at Starbucks

"I worked at Starbucks. Nobody who values their health should order a white mocha anything. That white mocha [expletive] is absurdly unhealthy and disgusting to work with." - u/majortom12

All-day breakfast at McDonald's

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And you thought this was such a cool thing! Especially if you slept in late and still want breakfast.

But this former worker shared that if you order breakfast after 1:00, it will most likely be a few hours old.

Chicken nuggets at Wendy's

"When they were about to fry a new batch of chicken nuggets, the other employees would just dip the bottom of the plastic bag into the fryer so that it would melt and the nuggets would fall out. They were too [expletive] lazy to open the bag properly." - u/cnstarz

Food from Tim Hortons

"Stay away from the grilled chicken and the steak sandwiches. Also, the flavoured cream cheese is always technically expired because they can’t be kept in those small plastic cups for too long." - u/E_Chihuahuensis

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