Tesla Vows To Pay Three Months' Salary To Ukrainian Employees Who Return Home To Fight

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Elon Musk in a suit jacket seemingly talking to a reporter.
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Elon Musk has already stepped to the plate a few times when it comes to helping the Ukrainian war effort, and it seems that desire to provide aid however he can is a value that his employees hold dear as well.

An e-mail sent out to Tesla employees says that any Ukrainian nationals who have been asked to return home to fight against Russian forces will still be paid and retain their job security, meaning they can go fight knowing a job will be waiting for them when they return.

An internal e-mail from Tesla revealed a rather touching offer from the company.

A Tesla car parked in front of a wall branding the company name and logo.
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The email was sent to employees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, saying that any Ukrainian employees who have been asked to return home to fight against the Russian invasion will be given at least three months' pay.

This comes after Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, had already helped the Ukrainian effort in a major way.

A SpaceX rocket on its launch pad at sunset.
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Musk expedited the functionality and setup of terminals for his SpaceX-related WiFi service, Starlink, in Ukraine. This request came directly from Ukraine's Vice Prime Minister, and Musk has since been personally thanked by President Zelensky in a video call.

While Tesla doesn't operate directly within Ukraine, they're doing what they can to help Tesla owners who are fleeing.

Tesla charging stations in a parking lot.
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They've opened free Supercharging stations in countries that border Ukraine for any Tesla owners making their way out of the country in their vehicles, and their employees in Germany are working hard to continue providing Starlink support and service in ruined Ukrainian cities.

It's clear that Tesla and SpaceX are using what power they have to help on-the-ground efforts in Ukraine.

Elon Musk in a suit jacket seemingly talking to a reporter.
Getty | Maja Hitij

The e-mail from Axel Tangen, Tesla’s director of Northern Europe, starts with, "As you know, Tesla is committed to do the right thing," which has been proven many times over by their actions.

Alongside three months' pay, employees returning to Ukraine to fight will retain their employment status, and the situation will be reassessed after the three months is up to see if it needs extending.

h/t: Insider