Elon Musk Activates Starlink In Ukraine Within 10 Hours Of Vice Prime Minister's Request

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Most celebrities who have spoken up about Russia's occupation of Ukraine have done just that, made a social media post or a public statement about the situation showing their support of the Ukrainian people.

Whether they're taking monetary or other actions, we can't know, except in Elon Musk's case, who openly fast-tracked setting up Starlink services in Ukraine and is even donating more terminals.

In a pleading tweet, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine reached out to Elon Musk.

Mykhailo Fedorov tagged the renowned tech entrepreneur and first described the situation he and his people find themself in, comparing Russia's occupation of Ukraine to Musk's colonization of Mars and SpaceX's rocket landings to the rockets falling on Ukrainian soil

He also asks for 'Starlink stations'.

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Starlink is another one of Musk's enterprises under SpaceX, an internet service that uses satellites to be able to provide internet anywhere on Earth.

Russia's attacks have severed much of Ukraine's internet connections, so a satellite-based system would provide them with a more reliable means of keeping their internet running.

In under 10 hours after Fedorov's request, Musk had a reply.

He confirmed that Starlink is now operational in Ukraine and that he would be sending more terminals.

Considerably quick response for something that likely needed a rather complex execution means it was possible he got on this right away, taking Fedorov's request to heart.

There is one request he didn't fill, though.

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At the end of Fedorov's tweet, he asked Musk to "address sane Russians to stand." On Musk's own Twitter account, there are no stand-alone tweets about the invasion, but the help he provided is likely enough for people to know which side he supports.

On Monday, Fedorov confirmed Starlink terminals had arrived.

The update was met with messages of support from Twitter users and Musk replied, "You are most welcome," in a follow-up tweet.

This isn't the first time Starlink has helped countries during disasters.

Starlink was also deployed to Tonga, a small Polynesian country comprised of 169 islands, following a volcanic eruption and tsunami. The people of Tonga had been without internet access for about a month by the time Starlink was installed.

Online, many people praised Musk for stepping in to help.

While Musk has been a divisive public figure in the past, many were quick to commend the tech entrepreneur for his actions here.

Musk's quick speed was also praised.

In a matter of hours, Musk delivered on his promise during this urgent time for Ukraine.

For many, the move brought back memories of another charitable gesture.

Following Hurricane Maria in 2017, Tesla helped restore power at a children's hospital in Puerto Rico. The company used solar panels and batteries to provide the hospital with reliable electricity while the territory was still rebuilding following the devastating storms on the island.


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