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10+ Fantastic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Women

Valentine's Day can be a stressful time for couples young and old every year. There is an expectation that comes with the holiday that seems to eclipse other holidays throughout the year.

Finding that perfect gift for the special someone in your life can make or break the day for you.

Luckily, we have crafted a guide for several items should do the trick for you when gift hunting for that special lady in your life.

French Press Coffee Set


Coffee is something that can easily bring people closer together. It's typically available everywhere, breeds an environment for conversation, and can offer a process that you can work to perfect. There is an art to coffee, much like there is an art to romance and this French press set could be a spark to add that element to your relationship.

Slow down and enjoy a cup together, discuss your day, and move past the monotony we can get trapped in with daily life.

Amazon - $25.95

Wine Condoms


A little humor isn't a bad thing to bring into a relationship, especially in gift form. These wine condoms over at Amazon are both a humorous gift and a practical item that you can use on a regular basis.

If you need to reseal your opened wine bottles, these "condoms" shrink to fit and safely close up the bottle until your next use. Don't buy different stoppers for several bottles, just buy the condoms.

Amazon - $13.97 for a set of 6

Skyn Firming Eye Gels

Skyn / Amazon

Beauty products might seem like dangerous territory for a Valentine's Day gift, especially if your lady is sensitive about her appearance. That doesn't mean you shouldn't at least try because the bottom line here is that men and women use these products. It is part of life and shouldn't be taken as some underhanded message.

Not only that, but these Skyn ICELAND hydro cool firming eye gels are fast and effective ways to "firm, tone and de-puff delicate under-eye skin within ten minutes." If you're significant other uses facial products, you owe it to them to at least give these a try.

Amazon - $29.95 for set of 8

Harney & Sons Paris Tea

Harney & Sons / Amazon

Much like the coffee, perhaps some fancy tea is more your speed. Drop the bitterness and feel regal while drinking this Harney & Sons Paris black tea. It is kosher if that is something you're watching for, but it is also a created to remind people of Paris.

The vanilla and caramel flavors will conjure visions of romance in "the city of lights" and hopefully in your home.

Amazon - $7.19 for 20 sachets

Personalized Photo Drink Coasters


A nice way to showcase your photos AND protect your furniture, these customizable photo-frame coasters are just for you or your loved one. This set of four is a nice side gift or surprise for the lady who loves photography or just cherishes memories wherever they can.

Amazon - $12.00 for set of 4

Luxury and Soft Satin Full Bed Sheets


There is nothing like the feeling of satin sheets when you're in bed and seeking relaxation. It is also a fine way to set the mood for Valentine's Day if romance is your goal by the end of the day. Combine these with some chocolates and any of the other items on this list to truly win the day and your partner's affection.

Amazon - $24.99

Giant Vermont Teddy Bear

Vermont Teddy Bears / Amazon

Can you go wrong with a teddy bear for Valentine's Day? It seems to be a staple of all holidays, but specifically on the day where love is in the air. Vermont Teddy Bears have taken it a step further by selling these giant stuffed beasts to lounge around with your loved ones and show just how much you love someone based on the size of the bear.

The sizes range from 3ft to 6ft, with prices ranging from $70 to over $200 -- all depending on how much love you're feeling this year.

Amazon - $214.99 for 6ft bear

Bamboo Cheese Board Set


Is your lady a fan of cheese? Do you both enjoy a fancy spread of cheeses, meats, and wine while watching Netflix or reading on a Saturday night? Class things up with this bamboo cheese board that comes with the cutlery and elevates any cheese night into an elegant event.

Amazon - $29.99

Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe


All you need to do is look at the satisfied customers to see that this robe is just waiting to keep your love warm on Valentine's Day and beyond. They will appreciate it, especially on those cold nights when the furnace just isn't doing its job.

These comes in sizes from small to extra large, and are available in a wide variety of colors that should satisfy anybody who receives it as a gift.

Amazon - $24.99 - $46.99

Bathbomb Gift Set

LifeAround2Angels / Amazon

These handmade bath bombs from LifeAround2Angels are handcrafted and perfect for relaxation. These particular bombs are made in the USA and formulated to moisturize while offering 12 different scents including "love, fun on the beach, lavender, and shea and coconut."

Amazon - $26.80 for a set of 12

French Soap

Pre de Provence / Amazon

You can't go wrong with fancy, elegant, handcrafted soaps from France. If you want to send a romantic message with your gift choice, the scents and feel of these artisan soaps will be a crowd pleaser.

There is a tradition of French soaps across the years and it is like you're rolling out the red carpet for your wife or girlfriend. And with nearly 40 scents and colors, you have options to mix and match.

Amazon - $8.08 for 250 gram bar