Show Your Love And Appreciation With These 10+ Valentine's Day Gifts For Mom

If it's Valentine's Day and you've forgotten about your mother, you're in deep. Not only is your mom the only lady in your life for the majority of your childhood, but she brought you into this world and sacrificed for you until you could stand on your own.

And you're just going to give her a phone call? Shameful display.

Grab that credit card and buy her a gift that she could use or love for Valentine's Day. Seal the love and give her a special moment.

Weighted Sleep Mask


You've likely heard of the weighted blankets that are on the market, offering therapeutic comfort to keep you calm, cozy, and asleep. You can now purchase a weighted sleep mask too that will allegedly "alleviate headache, stress, insomnia, eye strain and more" for the person who wears it.

Sleep is hard to come by and your mother likely already lost a lot of sleep raising you, so give back with this nice treat.

Amazon - $29.99 in a variety of colors

Recipe Box


This item and the next on the list assume that some moms out there are fans of the kitchen or have perfected their own kitchen work over the years. If they have amassed a wealth of recipes and knowledge over the years, why not go for a nice recipe box.

This one is clean, simple, and has cards ready to be organized within. It also looks like it has the room for more as they are collected or transferred from their current home.

Amazon - $32.99

Heart-Shaped Baking Gear


Staying in the kitchen, why not have a little fun with your mom's baking habit? A nice Valentine's Day-themed gift -- and possibly a hint that you'd want something sweet in return. A good mother likely already has you something baked, but this could be a hint if that isn't the case. You get a pair of spatulas and some heart-shaped measuring cups, just to set the theme.

Amazon - $24.95

Don't Limit Yourself

If these gifts aren't for your mother -- or if you're looking for a gift for dad too -- don't miss out on our other gift guides for Valentine's Day.

Best Mom Coffee Mug


Once she's out of the kitchen and done working, maybe let her sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea with this Best Mom Ever mug. There are plenty of options you can go with, but this one has a hefty arm, a good size, and the design is playful. It's like the old childhood gifts you'd make but in a quality form.

Deliver her on a nostalgia trip with this choice.

Amazon - $10.05 before shipping

Michael Kors Watch


Want your mom to look and feel fancy, but still have that feminine quality around her? A lot of women, as they grow older, seem to default into that mom style we see all over. And it doesn't need to be like that.

This Michael Kors watch is a tame color and enough that she can feel a bit like a fashionista whenever she steps out for the day.

Amazon - $123.07

Microwavable Heated Slippers


Want to veer into the sillier side of gift giving for the holiday? These microwavable slippers are perfect to fill that role. Brazen cold feet are a problem for everybody, but mothers seem to get it a lot worse. Their feet are chilled like ice, so they need some extra cushion to combat it.

You drop these in the microwave for a bit, 30 seconds or less, will keep your feet warm for up to 30 minutes at a time. They're also odor-free, so no need to worry about the foot funk taking over the house.

Amazon - $14.99



Why not give the pleasure of silk, comfortable pajamas to your mother. These Texere pajamas are soft, smooth, and ready in several colors to make your mother's bedtime special each night. They're ready for all seasons, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, while also giving that extra layer of comfort we all seek at bedtime.

Amazon - $28.99

A House Cleaning

Unsplash | rawpixel

Don't just give your mother some cleaning supplies and expect her to do the work herself. Amazon offers to have someone come to the house and do a full cleaning top to bottom. This isn't just a weekly cleaning to spruce up, this is a deep clean to essentially give your mother a fresh start.

Amazon - $167.56 for a 1500-2250 sq ft, with various options

Electric Toothbrush

Amazon / Oral B

While we're highlighting the Oral B brand here, any electric toothbrush is a top choice. These have been put together in an effort to take tooth cleaning at home closer to what you can get in the dentist office.

This one is rechargeable and comes with a special 360-degree brush head -- but is also compatible with all Oral B brand brush heads.

Amazon - $49.94

Electric Kettle


Hey, remember that new mug? How about coupling it with this electric kettle from Cosori. It is clear and you can actually see the water start to boil. Not only can you boil up some water for some fresh tea or instant coffee, but you can also use it for other items in your kitchen.

Boil noodles like a pro or pretend you're a real cook by making Jello Jigglers.

Amazon - $39.99 (with an extra 10% off with coupon)

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