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15+ Unsettling Things That Will Be Difficult To Forget

If you haven't already talked to your friends about shows, movies, or even commercials that scared them as a kid, you might be surprised at how quickly you get an answer.

After all, when things hit us in just the right spot where they're creepy enough to unsettle us, but not scary enough that they make us run away, they tend to stay with us.

Of course, it takes more than some dissolving Capri-Sun kids or ill-fated boat rides in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory to do the trick now that we're grown.

Instead, we'll have to get a little stranger.

Even though this was laid by a chicken, it's not what we can really call an egg.

Reddit | maxwellhupig

If a hen has a certain infection called salpingitis, she may end up laying something called a lash egg.

Although it can contain some egg parts and bits of shell, it mostly consists of tissue and gunk that's difficult to identify.

These may not be the scariest things you can find in a flea market, but it would probably still feel weird to turn your back on them.

Reddit | these-metal-hands

Of course, there are few better ways to keep someone away from your property than buying the whole set and letting those silent, judging stares work their magic.

This is exactly the kind of environment we wouldn't want to find this chair in.

Reddit | DigitalDrock

Granted, it's not out of place in the basement of this dentist's office, but does it really have to look so dungeon-like?

This doll looks like it's in some forgotten cave, but nope! Its home is yet another creepy basement.

Reddit | melissamarletta

If there's any comfort we can take in this, it's that the owner put this down here intentionally and it didn't just appear to start making her life worse.

I didn't say it was much comfort.

There are a lot of things we wouldn't want to see in a bathroom, but this is probably in the top five.

Reddit | bugbugladybug

Yes, that's a camera. And as for whether it's illegal or not, that apparently depends on whether it can see anyone in the stalls or at the urinals.

If both of those things are out of range, this might actually be legal.

Someone was apparently seated next to this thing at a local event and it's pretty hard to envy them.

Reddit | hypnoticdoom

The one silver lining to such a situation is that she's not looking directly at anyone.

At the same time, however, I'd probably be nervously checking to make sure her eyes are in the same position for the rest of the night.

These are unsettling enough for drivers to encounter on their own, but what truly affected the uploader is what happened next.

Reddit | Doctor_Pie314

Yes, it does seem like somebody left these in front of their neighbor's house purely to puncture people's tires.

And considering that this neighbor was murdered four days later by his own brother, it seems like we have a probable suspect for who left them there.

Fortunately, you'd have to be a fish to see this back when it was actually being used.

Reddit | Mouthmouthmouth

That's because this was a diving suit used back in the 18th Century. So on top of that, you'd have to be an almost 300-year-old fish.

I'm aware that I know nothing about you, but I think I can safely assume that doesn't describe you.

If this ends up in your house, it means you've got some new house guests that you probably don't want.

Reddit | BlueDevil44

After all, the uploader didn't feel too lucky when they found two wasps and three spiders hanging out around this little hidey hole.

If you happen to be in the Netherlands during the Eindhoven Carnival,be prepared to see something like this.


Its name is cut off by the crowd, but I think we should just be glad that it can't make what would probably be a very unnerving laugh.

Don't worry, this wasn't some messed-up way to give people dentures back in the day.

Reddit | diablek

Instead, it was a way to attach some false teeth to a corpse for display purposes. That's much more comforting, right?

Apparently, someone tasked a bot with creating an image of a monkey and this is what it came up with.

Reddit | andytdesigns1

So yeah, either that A.I. still has some bugs to work out or someone thought it would be really funny to show it The Texas Chainsaw Massacre first.

Many of us probably wouldn't want to live on a skull, but mushrooms are a lot less picky about that sort of thing.

Reddit | Unfairer32

There's something weirdly wholesome about that. No matter what you are or what state of disrepair you're in, there's a good chance that the mushrooms will still like you.

This doll is apparently available at a second-hand store and I'm guessing it's going to stay there for a while.

Reddit | melissamarletta

Maybe the creepy doll market is bigger than I think, but I doubt that most people are in the market for an evil muppet that might whisper to them at night.

Sometimes, it's the discomfort of others that makes us uncomfortable and this seems like a prime example.

Reddit | PopeImpiousthePi

I'm not sure where this is, but at least one bathroom out there will have this staring back at you if you sit down to poop.

The good news is that if you come across this in person, it's not going to attack you.

Reddit | Lrms1904

The truth is that it can't because what we're actually looking at here is a snake skeleton. The rest of it was likely eaten away a long time ago.

Sometimes, even the most innocent things can seem sinister if you find them in the wrong place.

Reddit | shibbyrayne

For instance, look at this stuffed horse. We have no idea why somebody left it lying in the middle of the woods and whether they left it like this on purpose.

Sure, the most reasonable explanation is that a child dropped it, but it can still inspire the mind to wander.

One children's restaurant in London apparently has this for decoration in the bathroom.

Reddit | Crybot1402

Granted, it would be really cool looking in a laser tag arena or something, but this a good reminder that there's a time and place for everything and this ain't it.

It's hard to see it at first, but once you see it.

Reddit | projectoffset

This is definitely not a car I would want to be pulling up behind at a traffic light, especially in the dark.

Nature takes over whatever it wants to.

Reddit | mister-e-account

This is a hornet's nest that took over a wooden mask left on a porch.

This makes for the perfect accidental Hallowe'en decoration.

Often times, it can be pretty difficult to remove packaging from products.

Reddit | emn103

But it's not often that peeling back plastic on a package might leave a pretty creepy image for all to see.

This isn't a depiction of how your baby might react to their baby food that you want to see.

Whether you're a fan of horror movies or not, this isn't something pleasant to stumble upon at night, let alone any time of day for that matter.

Reddit | [deleted]

It looks like someone sitting in the passenger's seat, but it's actually a mask hanging from the rear-view mirror, which still doesn't help the situation.

This is one way to keep potential intruders or unwelcomed guests away from your property.

Reddit | scarfox1

I'm not sure it's a technique I would ever give a try, but to each their own.

Anyone feeling hungry for Thanksgiving dinner?

Reddit | skeled0ll

While this may be a funny prank to play on your dinner guests, it might make them pass on the turkey when it comes around the table.

We all know that store mannequins aren't often accurate depictions of the human body.

Reddit | RoyalKoala23

But these mannequins really take that to a new level.

I'm not sure this is a great marketing strategy, but I guess there's no harm in trying!

Attics are often filled with treasures waiting to be discovered.

Reddit | Xyon_Peculiar

However, this lineup of mannequins found in an attic isn't the kind of surprise I would want to stumble upon when checking out a new home.

Is this proof that stuffed animals really do come alive at night?

Reddit | manicpixiesadgirl

Whatever happened, it looks like they've had a rough time out there in the wilderness and it might be time to bring them down and escort them to their new home: the trash.

If nothing else, this picture should give you a healthy respect for all the muscles in our body.

Reddit | Nyah_Chan

That's because this is what the human body apparently looks like without them. I don't know about you, but this isn't the look I'm trying to achieve.

Depending on where you live, this is either really disgusting or perfectly good cuisine that's slightly lacking in presentation.

Reddit | ZombieBisque

In case it's not clear what we're looking at, this is a snout burger. And yes, that means someone filled its nostrils with ketchup and mustard.

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