15 Men Share Unattractive Things Women Can Do On A First Date

Jordan Claes
Couple kissing in a field.
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What do men want? Sure, we've been groomed to think that the male species are nothing more than knuckle-dragging apes with constant hard-ons. But beneath the unfair stereotypes and outdated cliches cast upon us — what we really want is to be heard, loved, and accepted.

Men are great at the art of self-deprecation; we've had a lot of practice making a mockery of ourselves. Women, on the other hand, seem to have a more difficult time coming to grips with the areas in which they might be able to improve.

With that in mind, and in the interest of aiding both men and women alike, listen to these 15 men as they share the unattractive things that they say some women tend to do on a first date.

As the old saying goes — you can't get blood from a stone.

Bills and coins.
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Reddit user SuvenPan likes to think that he's an understanding and accommodating guy, but when women ask him for a loan on the first date, that's where he draws the line.

Are you related to Bernie Madoff, by any chance?

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Reddit user TennisADHD was looking forward to a nice night out, some pleasant conversation, and connecting with someone new. What they weren't anticipating was for their date to pitch them a multi-level marketing scheme.

"Be on her phone the whole time. But I think this goes towards both genders." - Reddit u/GroundbreakingPop802

Woman on phone in car.
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I'm a millennial, so I understand the compulsion to constantly be checking your phone. However, on a first date — put the damn thing away and be present in the moment.

Nobody has time for your BS.

Playground equipment.
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Reddit user Redacted_G1iTcH ever so eloquently stated that "playing hard-to-get makes you hard-to-want". In dating, as in life, you have to say what you want and mean what you say. Leave the games on the playground.

"Eat Mayonnaise from a packet in her purse like it's a go-gurt or a frube." - Reddit u/LVL1PotPlant

Bullet of mayo.
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Are you kidding me? You're going out to dinner, for goodness sake — why are you sucking down mayo packets like some kind of wild animal?!

When she only wants to talk about herself.

David and Patrick in 'Schitt's Creek'.
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Having a constructive conversation is a game of give-and-take, at least according to Reddit user BlueBlooper. In his opinion, there's nothing worse than when a woman monopolized the conversation and only seems intent on tooting her own horn.

This should go without saying...

Woman getting out of the shower.
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Redditor BewareNixonsGhost believes that strong personal hygiene is a must-have when out on a first date. All the power to you if you're one of those women who doesn't bathe or wear deodorant — just don't be surprised when your guy doesn't return your phone calls.

Asking "How much money do you make?"

James Harden eye roll.
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For one thing, it's none of your damn business. And for another — why? If you care more about the size of a man's wallet than the size of a man's heart, you'll only ever attract superficial assholes.

"Be late without saying anything. I left after 30 minutes and I get an angry text 15 minutes later saying she’s arrived and can’t find me." - Reddit u/DeuceActual

Dangling pocket watch.
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If you're five minutes early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late. And if you're late — then I don't want anything to do with you.

It's just common courtesy.

Paying the bill.
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Reddit user TheDisguized is chivalrous to a fault, and still prefers to pick up the bill when out on a first date. However, if the woman he's with doesn't offer so much as a "thank you" for him doing so, the likelihood of a second date diminishes almost entirely.

If we're being brutally honest...

Ken Jeong screaming in a car.
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Reddit user imk can't stand it whenever a woman utters the phrase "I usually date taller guys." Clearly, it isn't working out all too well for you, honey. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here staring at my short ass from across the table.

You just had to order the filet, didn't you?

Steak on a plate.
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Reddit user Monster_Kody_ hates it when a woman orders the most expensive thing on the menu. If you expect a man to pay, at least have the decency not to break his bank account on the first date.

Negging is a two-way street.

Vince Vaughn in 'Wedding Crashers'.

In the same way that women don't enjoy backhanded compliments, men don't want to sit there and be ripped apart by someone they barely know. You have to date us for at least six months before you earn the right to try and change us.

Being rude to anyone working in customer service.

Server at a restaurant.
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I'm a firm believer that when someone shows you their true colors — you should believe them. When someone is rude to a server for no reason whatsoever, that's a major red flag.

"Talk about her ex too much. Especially if that includes talking about how she still lives with him." - Reddit u/AndOfCourseSquirrels

Rowan Atkinson rolling his eyes.
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I'm sorry, ladies, but there isn't a self-respecting man alive that is going to be OK with you living with your ex.