19 Times People Got The Revenge Karma They Deserved

Sarah Kester
Unsplash | bruce mars

Karma is cruel, cruel mistress.

She wreaks havoc on those who have wronged others. Or, as Justin Timberlake sings, “what goes around, comes back around.”

So come relish in these stories of 19 people who got the revenge karma they deserved. We guarantee that you will be satisfied!

The parking job

Bad parking job
reddit | u/travawesome

Bad parkers are the worst! That's why this jerk on the right deserved every bit of the revenge that he got. This, of course, is the struggle of trying to get into his car.

The heartfelt letter

Unsplash | Scott Graham

"My roommate trashed my (our...he's not the smartest) room in a fit of petty revenge. I convinced our entire school that he wrote a heartfelt letter to our school president asking for his hero, Scott Stapp of Creed, to be our graduation speaker. I'm pretty sure I won." - u/JohnnyLugnuts

The driving revenge

Pickup truck
reddit | chuckgnomington

Almost everybody has been screwed over by their phone company at some point. That's even after they leave you on hold forever.

That's why many people would approve this message AND avoid AT&T at this location.

The raw egg

Giphy | HULU

"Fast revenge is good revenge. When we were kids my sister pushed a whole raw egg into my mouth while we were fighting. I threw up and pushed that into her mouth. Justice done." - u/rodgeramjit

The job interview

twitter | sasagronomy

Yikes! This right here proves why you should be on your best behavior before, in addition to during, a job interview. We hope the interviewer asked him, "What's the moral of this story?"

The pizza

Unsplash | Pablo Pacheco

"In high school, a friend took my pizza and tossed it toppings down on the table. I surprised myself when I quickly scooped it up and planted it in his face. The minute-long walk to the nearest sink was amazing." - u/neiklot

The food thief

Note to thief
reddit | xzys

Serves them right! Stealing someone's food from a communal fridge is just wrong.

This wasn't just one item, either. It was two! That's double the laxatives, double the guilt, and double the not-so-fun time.

The cheater

Insider | Fx

"Found out my then-wife was [expletive] a lawyer/politician. She was 32, he was 50. Being a politician, his home phone number is public. I calmly called his wife and told her that her husband was banging my wife. Needless to say, she took him to the cleaners." - u/deleted

The bunny ears

Girl putting up bunny ears on friend
reddit | Eeli100

We think everyone has been here before: you put up bunny ears behind a friend's head during a photo, only to find out that they did the same thing to you. This time, though, this girl was sabotaged by herself!

The ghosting

Unsplash | Mathew MacQuarrie

"I convinced my abusive ex-boyfriend that I was dead by telling him that I had bronchitis and pneumonia (true) and then blocking him on Facebook/not responding to his text messages, etc. I saw him 2 years later at a Christmas party. The look on his face was amazing, because it isn't like he could say anything." - u/deleted

This hit and run

Car hit in the side
reddit | Nugkill

Oh, the poetic justice! So beautiful, so sweet! This person doesn't have to wonder who hit their car. They have the proof right in their hands thanks to the license plate.

The missing eyebrow

Giphy | mtv

"I went away with some mates to a town about 300 km away for a weekend of drinking partying etc. I passed out and woke up with an eyebrow missing I laughed it off packed my bag got in the car and drove back without them." - u/madashelliam

The parking spot

Car by ocean
reddit | killermonkey87

This is almost as satisfying as seeing a tow truck take a car away. We almost wish we could see their reaction when they come back to find their car swept out to sea. People. This is why parking signs exist!

The wet blanket

Unsplash | Izzy Park

"When I was younger and wanted to get revenge on my brothers, I would take cups of water and pour them on their blankets so they would think they wet the bed." - u/deleted

The car

Car in cement
reddit | Reyali

This is the result of a brand-new Jaguar driver who believed he was too important to sit in traffic. So, he refused to move his car. Well, his car will be sitting there for a long time now... in cement.

The yearbook

Giphy | YoungerTV

"In high school, I was a member of the yearbook staff. For well-deserved reasons I REALLY hated a girl named Betsy... so I changed her name in the yearbook to Fatsy. No one caught it and it went to print that way." - u/Pixiesquasher

The license plate

Unsplash | Scott Rodgerson

"Guy wronged my girl so I stole the license plates from his piece of [expletive] car. After he got pulled over and ticketed, he reported them stolen and got a new set. So I snuck back and put the old ones back on. Next time he got pulled over he was bagged for having stolen plates and filing a false police report." - u/Thecardinal74

The black boots

reddit | martin_dc16gte

Whoever stole these boots has earned themselves a swift kick of justice. This guy should be on the lookout for someone who is limping around or holding their very own foot cream.

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