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People Can't Stop Laughing At How Ridiculous Lori Loughin's Court Appearance Was

As we all know, Lori Loughlin is one of many high-profile parents who have been indicted in a case involving college admission fraud.

She appeared in court to face her charges on Wednesday, and let’s just say that it was...cringe-worthy.

Some background

To catch you up: Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are two major celebs caught by Operation Varsity Blues.

The two paid William Rick Singer thousands of dollars to fake their daughters’ way into University.

Singer had a wide-spread scam going

Getty Images | Boston Globe

The services he offered covered everything from faking SAT scores, to bribing coaches, to photoshopping pictures of prospective students doing sports they’d never done before.

Honestly, I can’t believe he got away with it for as long as he did.

Lori Loughlin paid him to get both her daughters into school

She, along with her husband, designer Mossimo Giannulli, paid Singer over $500,000 to cheat their daughters’ way into the University of Southern California.

Mossimo might sound familiar, as he had a lucrative clothing brand at Target for a long time.

They faked pictures to make it happen

Know Your Meme

Lori reportedly told Singer she would photograph her daughter on a rowing machine.

Apparently, this was to demonstrate that she was on the the L.A. Marine Club crew team.

Which she fully was not.

All of this was made worse by comments her daughter made

Lori’s daughter, Olivia Jade, has a popular YouTube channel where she vlogs about her daily life.

In one video, she stated she was only going to college for the parties and events after games.

$500,000 well spent!

Lori appeared in court to hear her charges

Getty Images | Joseph Prezioso

And she was all smiles?

Fans were lined up at the courthouse yelling her name.

Some wore masks with her face on them. The fact that it’s unclear if they were mocking her is a little horrifying.

Her arrival was interesting too

She was smiling brightly and waving to the waiting throng of people at the courthouse.

Being surrounded by guards and press didn’t seem to phase her at all. This is? So weird?

She even stopped to sign autographs

Getty Images | Boston Globe

This is normal behavior when you go to court, right?

Lori stopped in front of the crowds of fans and actually signed autographs.

That’s pretty brazen for a woman surrounded by press.

Naturally, the internet had a field day with it

Jokes and hot takes came rolling in, and some of them were pure gold.

We’ll start here, because this tweet sums up the ridiculousness of Lori’s actions in such a perfect, succinct way.

Jail? Never heard of it.

Lori was smiling and signing autographs like she isn’t facing the possibility of going to prison.

I’d wonder what level of bizarre this is, but this is the same woman who had her kids photoshopped doing sports they never did to get into USC.

She even stopped for photo ops

Listen, we know by now that Lori’s behavior is just so weird.

But guys, what kind of fan wants a picture with her at court? I get it as a joke, but...what if people were serious.

What if.

I stan this girl

This student took time out of her day to hit up the courthouse and snap a video of herself while Lori walked by.

This tweet is art, and I am here for it.

Court, but make it a red carpet

Some level of my burned out millennial brain understands all of this.

Like, if you’re at a point in your life where you arrive to court and people are screaming, “FREE AUNT BECKY!” then anything goes at that point.

Jk, this will always be weird.

This generation will save the world

Getty Images | Joseph Prezioso

In the face of one of the most out-of-touch crimes in recent pop culture history, it’s good to see this generation mock the hell out of it.

The second sign was particularly thoughtful.

PS, Felicity Huffman kept it more low-key

See, this is normal behavior when you’re heading to court to hear the conditions of your trial.

I’m glad we all saw this, because the contrast to Lori’s really puts things in perspective.

Felicity is clearly taking this seriously. Lori...well, maybe she’s just grateful for the airtime?

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