15 Things That Never Fail To Turn Someone On

Jordan Claes
Rose petals.
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Humans are sexual beings. To deny that is to deny our very essence. Maintaining a healthy sex life can help to reduce stress, improve mental health, and has even been shown to boost your immune system.

What makes sex even more incredible than it already is, is the fact that it's different for everyone. To get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, have a look below at these 15 things that never fail to turn someone on.

I think they call that a fireman's carry.

Fireman getting onto fire engine.
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Reddit user Bayonethics says that she isn't sure of the proper term, but whatever you call it when a man throws you over his shoulders and carries you upstairs to bed — that's the golden ticket.

Who said that sex has to be complicated?

Girl caught in the wind.
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Redditor NutellaCakes is the first one to admit that it doesn't take much to get them in the mood. Most days, a strong enough breeze is more than sufficient enough to do the trick.

"When a man puts his hand on the small of my back and draws me in close (and abruptly)." - Reddit u/X0X000

Scotty Smalls giving the thumbs-up in 'The Sandlot'.

They say that proximity breeds familiarity. Judging from this comment, I would say that I'd have to agree.

Every woman looks better in a sundress.

Two women in sundresses.
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Reddit user ThePurgingLutheran says that the thing they enjoy the most is seeing the billowing waves of a sundress. They can't help but be captivated by that soft fabric dancing in the wind.

"Getting pinned against a wall, personally." - Reddit u/Firestorm82736

Leo and Margot Robbie in 'Wolf Of Wall Street'.

No judgment here if you're a fan of the rougher stuff — so long as it's consensual. I personally like to use a "safe word" in these situations and find that "Blueberries" or "Pancakes" seem to grab a person's attention best.

Is it in yet?

USB drive.
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Reddit user airjew22 is a person of simple pleasures. Sure, sex is great and everything, but have you ever input a USB drive into its proper port on the first try? That, my friends, is true ecstasy.

A little praise can go a long way.

Woman in car.
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Reddit user wormegod wouldn't consider herself kinky by any means. However, when the mood hits just right, she does enjoy being called a "good girl" every now and again.

Don't we all?

Put your back into it.

Couple hugging from the back.
Unsplash | Ave Calvar

Reddit user Babyblaster74 says that they're a big fan of hugs from behind. They also like being kissed on the neck from behind. Now that you mention it, they lowkey enjoy feeling anything from behind.

Could you introduce me to any Old Navy models?

Open sign on door.
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This Redditor who goes by the handle JacRabit says that they're a sucker for a woman in a tank top and a pair of jeans. There's just something about that combination that makes them melt.

"When she wears a robe and nothing else… or one of my shirts and nothing else. Damn." - Reddit u/NumberOneAce

Women dancing in pajamas.
Giphy | Little Mix

What is it about oversized office shirts that men find so attractive? The world may never know the truth.

Put a little love in your heart.

Girl on the beach holding a sticker that says "Kindness Pass It On."
Unsplash | Mei-Ling Mirow

This world needs more people like Reddit user Blueberrylovers. They said that the two things that turn them on the most are kindness and respectfulness — they're just drawn to good people, at the end of the day.

There's more than one way to lay pipe.

Mario sliding down a pole.
Unsplash | Max Harlynking

Reddit user kcshuffler enjoys seeing men reach/bend over for something and seeing their midriffs/underwear exposed. Call me crazy, but I feel like you should start Googling available plumbers for hire in your neighborhood.

The better to hear you with, my dear.

Man with big fake ears in white suit, dancing.

Reddit user windrider103 says that they get off when someone stimulates their ears. Whether you're biting or whispering into them, it's all good.

I hope for your partner's sake that you're also a fan of Q-Tips.

Make sure to scrub nice and hard.

Unsplash | Victoria Shes

Reddit user lireduin says that nothing on this planet is sexier than when her husband cooks dinner. The only thing that comes close to topping it is when he also offers to do the dishes.

"Actual moans Not fake ones or joke ones lol, just real ones." - Reddit u/Nothingtoseehere0705

Meg Ryan faking orgasm in 'When Harry Met Sally'.
Giphy | Coolidge Corner Theatre

The day of faking orgasms to appease the male ego is long since dead. From now on, if your man doesn't finish what he set out to do — you better damn well tell him to keep at it!

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