14+ People Who Know Something We Don't

35 People Who Know Something We Don't

To paraphrase Sam Elliott in The Big Lebowski, sometimes there's a person for their time and place. They might not be rich or famous, but they fit right in to their niche in spacetime. Let's celebrate those who know what's up.

Vincent Adultman, is that you?

Reddit | Beatreporting

Either this person's neighbor has an unusually long, skinny and crooked torso, or three kids got a trench coat and decided they wanted to do a little leaf blowing.


Reddit | Beerbrewing

Nothing can match a parent's first picture with their newborn. Whether the baby spent nine months in the womb or twenty minutes in the oven, the experience is special.


Reddit | distractyourface

This dispensary in Illinois had the bright idea of teaming up with a local Girl Scouts troupe. The dispensary sold their goods, the Girl Scouts sold theirs, and everyone went home happy.

And a good day to you.

Reddit | Wiildman8

If you're polite, you know that the courteous thing to do is return a greeting. Maybe the greeting comes from a non-sentient entity, but it would be rude not to acknowledge it.

King of the internet.

Reddit | Prophettx

Keanu Reeves brought his mom to the Oscars, to the delight of everyone everywhere. Why is it that he gets applauded for this, but my friends call me weird when I ask if I can invite my mom to our hangouts?


Reddit | Mizerjozh

It looks like Harold and his teacher have been over this a few times already. My curiosity is piqued. Without even seeing a single issue of Dog Comix, I'm already prepared to buy the whole collection.

Pool party.

Reddit | Klratz

This is kind of like a swim-up bar you'd see at a resort, except it trades chlorinated swimming pool water with mysterious brown water, and watered-down resort drinks for fast food chicken nuggets.


Reddit | JackHoffmanTheWise

This absolute unit of a dude decided to dress as Eleven from Stranger Things. Honestly, he does a good job. All it takes is the right wardrobe and a box of Eggos.


Reddit | Palifaith

I like wearing baseball hats, but have often wondered how I could better communicate my love of hats, besides wearing hats in the first place. I think I've found my solution.


Reddit | Achoo_Gesundheit

Anyone who can appreciate a luscious, juicy watermelon probably knows how this kid is feeling right about now. Summer can't come fast enough.

Set sail for the leeward side.

Reddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

I can support this steering wheel, as steering wheels only came about in the first place because of ship's wheels. I can't account for their gearshift solution, though.

Get your fix.

Reddit | iLoveBeeez

Minecraft has an addictive quality to it, and its specs are low-end enough that practically any computer can play it. It stands to reason that it should be installed on every computer in the entire world.

It never lets you down.

Reddit | NipsAhoyy

Whoever's in charge of the highway signs in Utah got it right with this vaguely depressing Valentine's message. I mean, it's not wrong. Seat belts are good...but the support they provide isn't the emotional kind.

Don't mess with success.

Reddit | conianz

I need to get ahold of this makeup artist. If they're able to make a potato look pretty, there's an outside chance that they could make me look presentable.


Reddit | jayharper08

Recreating old photos is never a bad idea. It gives everyone a chance to chuckle at how much things have changed while grimly reflecting on the fleeting nature of our existence.

Say what?

Reddit | rba22

I don't blame this little girl at all. For all she knows, she's just gained a sibling — one with weird plush skin and animatronic workings that makes noises and blinks.

Stump bump!

Reddit | jasontaken

This little guy went to see an Orlando Pride soccer game when he spotted Carson Pickett (or maybe she spotted him), a player for the Pride who has the same congenital condition.

The old ways.

Reddit | FrancescaMcG

Yes, this woman a) recognized a phone jack in the wall and, b) carries a landline phone around with her in case this situation should arise. It's not free real estate, but it is a free phone call.

Going in for the kill.

Reddit | Boobjobless

I've seen that look in a cat's eyes before. He is on the attack and that poor, peaceful, sleeping cat is in for a rude awakening.

A misunderstanding.

Reddit | daddycool6699

Clearly this barista didn't understand...his name is Mack.

A label or a warning?

Reddit | derpytomato05

According to this user, a restaurant worker drew this on their to-go box, but they never said what it was they ordered. Most thought it was a label for what was inside, but look at that muffin... He looks pretty angry... I think this is a warning to a great beast within that Styrofoam.

Master of relaxation.

Reddit | drunksonkey

He looks, like, mildly annoyed that you came to bother him during his designated relaxing time. Everyone needs a breather, dogs included.

Learn something new every day.

Reddit | Hodazzle

I was never a strong believer in keeping the foil somewhat on. I suppose I didn't care one way or another, but knowing this I'm glad my life has a little more direction.

A tragedy of epic proportions.

Reddit | Hot_Carl_Rove

This looks like a problem for some duct tape and hope. Lots and lots of hope.

Siri hiding her past.

Reddit | inferno006

This user's story was, "Accidentally bumped my watch right before jokingly calling my co-workers F-ing Plague Vectors. Siri heard it a little different."

This is so suspicious to me. Why not just say no, Siri? Do you have a plague doctor past?

Tools of the trade.

Reddit | JinoJP

Don't worry, I already know to taste all my bread before I buy it. I'm not stupid.

At least they tried?

Reddit | noodlemcfoodle

Sure, this may not be great, but I could still tell exactly who they were going for before I saw the reference pic, so it's successful in that sense! They gave him some wicked prominent cheekbones though.

Athlete adoption.

Reddit | Rowanmayfair

This user said he only had the dog for two days at this point before he found it on the roof. Seems he adopted a monkey instead of a puppy.

Photo of a lifetime.

Reddit | Zambuzaaa

He looks so...inconvenienced? Like, "Oh...dang. This sure is unfortunate. I am in a pickle."

Primitive technology.

Reddit | MitchFiction

For all intents and purposes, this works. If they're moving around, it's a small earthquake, and if the paper is on the floor, it's a bad one.

The most important playlist.

Reddit | RunForrestRun19

I did check out this playlist, which is seven hours long by the way, and it features bangers such as "September," "Funky Town," and "Another One Bites The Dust." I think this is the only playlist I'll listen to for the rest of my life now.

Local legend.

Reddit | Trampolice

"Someone keeps leaving this cutout of Bigfoot around town. This time he was on a trail," said this user. How many Bigfoot "sightings" do you think this guy has caused?

They see me rollin'.

Reddit | emirsurmen

The heyday of those hands-free, explosion-prone wheely things that are improperly called hover boards seems to be over. But let's not forget the days when you'd see them everywhere — even in washroom stalls.

Man's best friend.

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

I've seen a weird uptick in online content from people with raccoons for pets. Are they the hip new animal to have? Should I start looking into raccoon ownership?

Bird whisperer.

Reddit | crochettop

This Iraqi protester looks like a Disney princess, summoning her friends from nature. She clearly wears two hats: By night, she's protesting inequality, but by day, she's a bird boss.

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