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R. Kelly Skips Sexual Assault Hearing, Fears His Infected Toe May Get Stepped On

R&B singer R. Kelly is facing a large amount of legal drama this year following the release of the documentary Surviving R. Kelly that details his alleged abusive relationships with underage women.

In May, Kelly was hit with his initial wave of charges.

Kelly pled not guilty to 11 felony sexual abuse charges the following June, including five counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault.

In July, Kelly was arrested again.

This time he was indicted on federal charges including racketeering, obstruction of justice, and child pornography. Since then, Kelly has remained in jail since being denied bail.

In August, even more charges were laid against Kelly.

He was charged with two sex crimes in Minnesota after allegedly paying an underage girl to dance naked in 2001.

Kelly's first trial is set to begin in April of next year.

However, Kelly was supposed to attend a status hearing this week that he was notably absent from. Kelly's lawyer said that he had been excused from the hearing due to an infection in his toe.

Kelly allegedly was worried that the toe might be stepped on during transport.

Kelly's lawyer stated that the infection had caused the loss of a toenail, and that Kelly was wearing a walking boot to help handle the pain.