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19 Things About Parenting No One Ever Talks About

Being a parent isn't an easy job — just ask any of the millions of men and women in the world.

There's so much to deal with, like dirty diapers, tantrums, and a bucketload of money to spend. It doesn't get easier as they get older, either, as the years of 13 to 22 are something else.

Ready to get the real dirt on what parenting is like? Here, parents share the 19 things no one ever talks about.

It's okay not to love your newborn as soon as they are born

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Movies and other parents have made it seem that the first time a parent meets their newborn will be a magical moment, filled with lots of tears and love.

But that's not always the case. First, they are covered in gunk. Secondly, you may be too tired after giving birth.

Dirty diapers are tough on everyone

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"People think dirty diapers are tough on infants... Wait until your 2-year-old wakes up with a wet pull up and decides to leave it in the dark hallway or right beside my bed when she crawls in it naked at 2 am then pisses in my god damn bed too." - u/Super_Midget

Kids don't always accept "I don't know" as an answer

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Kids are curious creatures. They want to know everything and anything, and they want the answers NOW.

So, when they ask questions, like "why isn't the word poop as offensive as its counterpart swear word?" be prepared to rack your brain and still not know the answer.

You will have to do a lot of gross things

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"My son ate too much cheese and I literally had to pull a turd out of his butt because it got stuck halfway out."-u/BrokenStrides.

Many other parents had similar experiences with cheese, like one parent whose child vomited half-digested cheese all over the hallway.

You'll fear that doing the smallest thing wrong will permanently scar them

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That, or that the smallest ailment, such as a runny nose or cough, will turn into some sort of terrible illness. When you have a little human to care for, you'll fear for yourself and them double.

Newborn babies cry... a lot

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"Sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop them, their sensory systems are just so new, that they get overwhelmed. It's always better to put them down and let yourself regroup, than to get angry and do something you might regret." - u/another_sunnyday

You'll feel guilty when you're not with them

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Most parents relish their time alone. They know that it's sparse and that it's needed to recharge. But there will be times when you feel guilty and think about them the entire time. Kind of like when you miss your dog. But then you get home to the chaos and wished you enjoyed your time off.

Dealing with your kid's friends isn't easy

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"Most of the time you can barely tolerate your own kids. The amount of patience you have for the dirty snack-grubbing neighborhood kids is almost zero and time after time you have to mediate meaningless disputes that come up during the day." - u/rcwhiteky

You will want to destroy your kids' bullies

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Getting bullied on yourself is one thing. Your kid getting bullied is entirely another. You will have to fight the urge to give those kids some hell. You are an adult, after all.

The ages of 13-22 is something else

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"Just throw a bag of Cheetos into their room periodically," one wrote. "Shoot me now. He's 13 and I dont know what I'm going to do," another added. Yep, these are the years where raising a teenager is hell. Buckle up!

The loss of control is astonishing

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When you have a job you don't like, one that drains you, you can just quit and find another one. But signing up to be a parent is signing up for something for life. You can't just check out when things get rough. You have to stick it through.

You never know what kind of child you're getting

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"You kind of just roll the dice and hope for the best. You could have a sweet child, or an anxious child, a fun rambunctious kid or a prissy princess. Not to mention that you spend your time hoping for a healthy baby but that isn't a for sure thing." - u/Leftovers4breakfast

There will be times when you don't like your child

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It's okay, you're human. One Redditor shared that she has two kids, one of which has issues. So, in the moments where his behavior takes her to a very dark place, she doesn't like him. But she does love him."This sucks so much because he needs my love more than anything but I am still human," she wrote.

It's bittersweet when your son or daughter meets the person of their dreams

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"You're thankful they've met someone special, and at the same time, you hate to turn over 'control' to someone new who you barely know, hoping that things will turn out for the very best." - u/Back2Bach

Fighting the grandparents will be difficult

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These are family members who want to spoil your kid, regardless of what rules you set. This could be giving an overweight child pizza and pop when the doctor says that they need to eat healthier. This essentially means that their free childcare comes with strings.

You will have to buy them new clothes, like, a lot

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"I don't know what everyone else's kids are like, but mine goes through sudden growth spurts where in the matter of a week his clothes goes from fitting to being too small." - u/catby

Errands now take three times as long and cost twice as much

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You'll have grubby little hands wanting you to buy anything. And if you refuse, they throw a tantrum. So when you go to the grocery store by yourself, this usually mundane chore will feel like a mini-vacation!

The guilt is suffocating

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"You will have so many failures as a parent, some that will make your stomach turn when you think back on them. The guilt of knowing that they deserve better (a better home, better food, a better you) but you are unable to give it to them. But you have to continue on like everything is great, because those little people are counting on the fact that you do." - u/frianglepear

Leaving for work sucks even more

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Despite how difficult being a parent can be, all you will want to do some days is stay home and be with your family. You don't want to miss the crucial times, like seeing your kid walk for the first time, and so on.

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