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8+ People Who Took Home Renovations Into Their Own Hands

We all know home renovations can be costly and difficult. So it's no wonder that some people end up taking them on by themselves.

It doesn't always turn out the best but when it does it can be truly spectacular. Here are a few amazing examples of folks who embarked on DIY home reno projects that didn't end up sucking.

1. This Modern Kitchen

Instagram | @everpainting19

I'm such a fan of bright kitchens. The before picture is exactly what I try to stay away from. The dark, wood cabinets make the place look very outdated. Once new cabinets come in they brighten the whole interior.

2. This Lovely Entryway

This entryway looked so plain and boring. Now after a fresh and bright coat of paint it looks so much more inviting. Don't you think? See how much brightness can bring to a place? This is such a great idea.

3. This Chill Balcony

Twitter | @svinina

This person needed to sacrifice some vacation time in order to renovate this balcony. I guess they'll rather forgo going away in order to be able to enjoy this balcony all year round. I think they made the right decision.

4. This Cozy Dining Room

Wow, how pretty does this living room look now? I never would have guessed that it can be made over like this. I totally dig this modern take on it. It looks so cozy and perfect for a family gathering.

5. This Awesome Kitchen Reno

Wow, I really love the vibe of this kitchen. There's something cool and nostalgic about it. I adore how the white esthetic fits so well with all the vintage style appliances here. This is quite the difference. Isn't it?

6. This Updated Stairwell

I'm the kind of person who cares about all the little details. So I'm definitely not totally shocked that these folks wanted to update their existing stairwell. I would have done the same thing as well.

7. This Modernized Fridge

Even if you don't have the money to renovate the whole place you can do something to make a difference. Get a load of this fridge that somebody repainted for their mom's kitchen. It looks absolutely brand new.

8. This DIY Vent Project

This pretty lady must be so proud of herself. She embarked on revamping her vent in the kitchen and now it looks like it cost a million bucks ha, ha. It didn't but I think it's absolutely fabulous.

9. This Renovated Kitchen

I'm blown away by the difference in this kitchen. It looked so plain, boring, and quite dark before. With a little bit of paint and some creativity, it looks like a brand new space here. Don't you love it?

10. This Pretty Hallway

Oh my goodness, take a look at this pretty in pink hallway. I can't even get over the fact that it brings so much bright light and airiness into this otherwise drab space. This is absolutely lovely.

11. This Chic Bathroom

Did I mention that besides the kitchen the bathroom is usually my favorite place in the house? It is indeed. Especially when you can make it over like these folks did here. What a wonderful job they did, right?

12. This Gorgeous Reno

These folks poured their heart and soul into their very first home. I gotta admit that it definitely shows in these before and after photos. I absolutely love what they have done with the place here.

13. This Amazing Room

Can you believe the difference here? I can't even fathom that this is the same room. It looks so chic, modern, and stylish. To be honest, I wish I could do something like this myself. It's stunning.

I'm so impressed by all these DIY renos here.

It gives me more confidence that I might be able to do something like this in the future in my next home. If these folks can do it I think anyone can.

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