15 Of The Most Useful Social Tips Everyone Should Know

Lex Gabrielle
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Socializing with others in society is an important skill to hone in life. It's imperative that we can function and operate with other people in the real world.

Sometimes, we're not the best and our social skills can be lacking—which, can leave us feeling isolated and alone. But, people online also have learned from their mistakes and are willing to share their wisdom with us in order to help us thrive, too.

Let life flow.

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"The biggest lesson I learned this year Is not to force anything. Conversation, love, friendships. Anything that is forced is not worth fighting for. Whatever flows flows, whatever crashes crashes. It is what it is," shared Freezy_187.

If you're busy when someone asks to hang out, pick a better time.

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docju shared that if someone asks you to make plans, but you're busy, be sure to follow up with a better time or day that works for you. People can think you are avoiding them sometimes, or just don't want to see them.

Change the way you phrase things.

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ThatOneJakeGuy suggested that instead of saying, "can I have your number," people should say, "can I give you my number." That way, there is no awkwardness or discomfort in the position of power and you don't feel obligated to give out your number.

Cringing isn't always bad.

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necolleshinori shared that if you look back on things and you cringe, it means you're learning from your previous errors and mistakes. It's a sign of growth and a sign of maturity, that you are moving past things that were once "cringe-worthy."

Ask them to repeat themselves.

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"If somebody is rude to you, ask them to repeat themselves. Here's why..."sorry?" "excuse me what was that?" "can you please repeat what you said?" in a calm confused tone. They are most likely to either rephrase what they said or say it in a nicer way," said ray7667.

Don't let people walk all over you just for the sake of having some friends.

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paper_dog_dio said that she finally stood up for herself one day and it cost the friendships that she had for years. Boundaries are important in order to fully be happy, even if it means that you are going to lose friends.

Don't comment on people's dispositions.

A kid yelling "leave me alone."

f**kucuty234 said that it's really annoying and rude when people comment on someone else's demeanor and disposition, like why they are so quiet and shy around others. It doesn't make anyone else feel good if you are judging them on their social skills.

Reach out to friends, no matter how many times.

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"It's okay to always be the one to initiate contact with a friend. Just because they don't reach out to you first doesn't mean they don't like you or want to hang out with you. It's okay to always be that friend who starts up the conversation," shared wesley_mccreary.

Make eye contact and smile.

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rsa861217 said when you first meet someone for the first time, always lock eyes with them and give them a huge smile.

It'll make them smile, too, and you will both feel good about each other and have positive emotions after.

Don't tell people how you see yourself.

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mr-one-two said some of us see ourselves as negative qualities and negative things—lazy, messy, a failure. If we tell other people about our insecurities, they will start to view us that way, too. Don't tell people what to think about you.

It's okay to lose sometimes.

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"You don’t need to win every banter. Take things lightly and have fun while accepting defeat. It makes you look humble, secure and more likable overall whereas fighting constantly makes you look super insecure and intimidated," commented browngirlsays.

Be confident in who you are.

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robloxdruglord said that people are always worried about others liking them and wanting to be around them. The key to this is being confident in who you are. If you are happy with yourself and confident in yourself, then people will gravitate toward you.

Be invested in people.

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WannabeWayne said to be sure to be interested in whoever it is that you are talking to. Please don't focus on how you are coming off, but instead, be interested and invested in them. That way, you are truly focusing on them.

Keep your life to yourself.

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"If you feel uncomfortable telling people what's going on in your life you don't have to. You owe them nothing and they don't care as much as you think. A lot of times we think we have to be honest but it's not necessary," said bayfarm.

Keep a list of social wins.

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Jeffcallahan3 said to keep a list of social wins and all of the things that you feel you've done well. If you have a good conversation with someone and feel it went well, write down the joke you made or the comment you had. Save it for later.