18 Sneaky Details Filmmakers Included In Movies

Kasia Mikolajczak
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I have to admit I prefer to be a casual film watcher and not focus too much on details. However, there are instances when I will rewatch a movie and dive right into those interesting facts.

So if you're a true cinephile, you probably do that a lot, huh? And as it turns out, there are more of you out there. And because of that, I'm sharing a few fascinating things filmmakers have hidden in their movies so you can fully appreciate them.


Oh my! There's no way I would have known that. How did this person even find this out? Are they a former cosmonaut, ha, ha? I think this is such a cool hidden fact. What do you think of that? Did you notice those clicks while watching the movie?

'Shutter Island'

Oh, yeah! I've heard about that. I guess you would know it only if a) you were once a mental patient or b) you worked with them. It's great when the filmmakers stick to real facts like these. It would be so easy to just omit something like this.


scene from Shazam! with smiley face on a desk
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"In Shazam! (2019), You can see a reference to the iconic blood-stained smiley face from Watchmen on the desk of the social worker who places Billy with his foster family."

Oh shoot, you know what? I haven't seen Shazam! yet. I definitely need to look out for that.


Oh my goodness, ha, ha. How cool is that? I love how certain movies have a connection to each other. Only true fans who are on the lookout for things like that can spot it. I totally missed it. As I said, I just get enthralled in the storyline. That's my excuse.

'The Joker'

scene from The Joker with somebody holding an ID card
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In The Joker (2019) Justin Theroux has a cameo as 'Ethan Chase.' Ethan Chase is also the real name of Zach Galifianakis’ character in Due Date. Also a Todd Phillips movie.

Ah, speaking of connections between movies, often filmmakers of both films end up doing something like that. And again, people will spot it somehow.

'Bee Movie'

Ah, ha, ha, ha! Isn't that so funny? Can you imagine if honey was really considered a controlled substance? That would be interesting. Wouldn't it? I'm impressed they came up with something so interesting and hilarious indeed.

'The Princess Bride'

scene from The Princess Bride
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"In The Princess Bride (1987), Inigo laments to Westley that he only works for Vizzini to pay the bills as there's 'not a lot of money in revenge.' At the end of the film, Westley suggests Inigo become the new Dread Pirate Roberts, captain of the pirate ship Revenge."

Aha! So cool how they did that, huh?

'The Greatest Showman'

Oh, wow! I never noticed that, but now that somebody pointed it out, it's clear as day, no? Of course, it's because both movies star Hugh Jackman. I wonder whose idea was that? It's a fun graphic. Don't you think so?

'Justice League'

Oh, my! I had no idea about that. That's so sad. I really feel for him now that I know that fact. And it's nice that he added that special touch to the movie. I hope it makes somebody who might be feeling bad, know there's help out there.

'The Princess and the Frog'

split screen of directors Ron Clements and John Musker and them as cartoon characters
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"In The Princess and the Frog (2009), directors Ron Clements and John Musker appear in the parade scene. They have animated cameos in all their movies."

That's so cool. I wish I could see what I would look like as an animated character. I think that would be a total hoot. What do you think of that idea?

'Deadpool 2'

Oh my goodness, ha, ha! Did you realize that? I admit I wouldn't have recognized him looking like that at all. Now that I know, I can't stop laughing. This is such a great hidden cameo. Am I right?

'The Joker'

Here's another cool fact about The Joker that I had no idea about, alright. Did you realize that the filmmakers did this with the ambulance truck? Oh wow! Dang! I really need to pay more attention from now on, ha, ha.

'Man of Steel' and 'Batman vs. Superman'

Okay, somebody is just trying to show off here. How in the heck do people spot these things? I'm just taking my sweet time watching the movie, and they're writing all these details down, hee-hee.

'Men in Black'

You don't say, huh? How many Star Wars references are in other movies? I would really like to know. But this one is such a cute homage to the Star Wars franchise, no? And I have to say I love that.

'Catch Me If You Can'

Is that right? How is it that I didn't know that? I really enjoyed this movie. It's such a cool ride. Don't you think so too? I'm surprised this wasn't a fact I heard about before.

'Baby Driver'

Oh, that's so interesting. I bet my fiancé, who has done sound engineering, would have definitely picked up on that. I really like when filmmakers try to make their movies interactive like that. What do you think of that idea?

'Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark'

Wow! Did you ever notice that? I have to admit I did not. I guess we shouldn't feel too bad as it's a pretty small detail to find. It's so cool, though, no?

'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'

Speaking of Indiana Jones check this out: Here's another Easter egg. In Temple of Doom, there is a Club Obi Wan. This led many fans to have a theory that Indiana Jones is actually just a really vivid dream of Han Solo while he’s encased in carbonite. OMG!

Don't you love these fun movie Easter eggs?

Jimmy Fallon saying "So interesting!"
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I certainly do, but they do remind me that I need to be on the lookout for these hidden gems in movies. I just get so enthralled with the story that I seem to miss all these little secrets. How about you? Are you perceptive enough to spot stuff like this, or would you rather just enjoy the movie-watching experience?