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This Single Dad Has Some Vile Reasons For Refusing To Date Single Moms

You know, we all have our preferences when it comes to dating and relationships, and it's never a bad thing to be honest about them. It saves a lot of heartbreak. But at the same time, if you don't keep an open mind and be willing to try new things, you're going to miss out on some wonderful opportunities.

And let's be honest, none of us is perfect. If we want someone else to accept us as we are, it has to go the other way, too. This one YouTuber, however, has some other ideas about dating, especially when it comes to single moms.

Richard Cooper is a single dad who has something of a following among a certain crowd of men.

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Think of Tom Cruise's character in Magnolia, only bald and with a beard instead of long hair. He's one of those "men's rights" personalities.

Much like Cruise's character, Cooper gives talks to crowds of men who look to him for guidance.

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He says he's all about "cold, hard truth," throws around terms like "alphas" and "betas," and has many, many thoughts about the types of women men should and should not date.

This single dad even went so far as to do a whole talk on the "Dangers of Dating Single Moms," and, well...

Based on his "Make Women Great Again" hat, we can already guess that his reasoning is pretty awful.

In the video, Cooper says that he was in a three-year relationship with a single mother, so maybe there's something personal at play here?

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Posting this nasty meme that someone sent him, Cooper says that "there's truth in every joke," and then he proceeds to list off nine largely awful reasons why men shouldn't date single moms.

He points to things like "double (or triple) the heartbreak," and "questionable judgement skills," painting single moms in pretty broad strokes.

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He also says that it's "very easy for them to end the relationship because they've done it's very easy for them to just slide into the next relationship."

On that point alone, it's clear that his opinion stems directly from personal experience.

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Generalizing that single moms move from one relationship to the next with ease really doesn't make sense. Everyone is different!

He also bemoans that "you will never be a priority" and that single moms think "the world revolves around her & her kids."

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As if moms are supposed to set their children aside for him? Did his own mom do that?

"You're like fifth or sixth," he says.

"You're not going to be a priority. Save yourself for somebody that has the capacity and the time."

Apparently, mothers prioritizing their dependent children is a bad thing. Who knew?!

As a single father himself, he should understand the demands of having a child without a partner.

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And yet, he either doesn't understand that, or is likely neglecting his own child. Either way, kinda garbage.

Cooper also harps on his belief that single moms have "distorted self image."

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"All you have to do is go on any dating app, you'll see single moms on there, they think they're a 10 when they're like a 6, everybody's had that experience I'm sure," he says.

Somehow, Cooper's video has more than 650,000 views.

Women? With self-confidence? Enough to reject a man like him? GASP!

Yes indeed, it seems this Cooper is suffering from what some might call average male entitlement.

Needless to say, the reaction to his talk from single moms hasn't exactly been surprising.

"Newsflash: you're not exactly eligible bachelor of the year. Bad attitude, no hair, butthurt mentality, compensating for social rejection.," wrote one commenter.

"Sounds like he got burned," wrote another. "Now his life's mission is to disparage and deride ALL single moms. I feel bad for him honestly."

Some guys dating single moms weighed in as well, and they sure didn't all agree with Cooper.

"I’ve been dating a single mom for 12 years now ! Helping with raising of 3 kids , and 1 dog and can honestly say I couldn’t be happier!" wrote one guy. "She works hard there’s no complaints I feel like I am the one who gets more spoiled than her kids too!"

"Married my wife back in 2002 and she came with 3 kids," one man wrote.

"I could tell she was a fantastic mother on how good the kids behaved and how successful in school they were. Last one goes to college this year," wrote another. "We also had two of our own. It's work, but so is a successful relationship / marriage."