15 Questionable (But Oddly Hilarious) Designs

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Spacejoy

Sometimes there are people who come across designs that make us scratch our heads in confusion. How did anyone invent these things and have them pass a marketing team? Who decided that these designs should be brought to life? Some of them are quite hilarious, but others are dangerous, bad, and outright confusing.

This bathroom with a "view."

Bathroom Stalls with view
reddit | Reddit

If you're going to the bathroom in public, the last thing you are going to want to have is a view of someone else going—or, someone watching you go. It's way too awkward. And, way too much pressure.

This screwdriver kit won't work.

Screwdriver Kit
reddit | Reddit

The purpose of buying a screwdriver kit is clearly to use a screwdriver. But, if you need a screwdriver to open the kit—it truly defeats the purpose of buying the kit in the first place. How are we ever going to get this open?

Well, that won't work.

bad handicap ramp
reddit | Reddit

If you are going to design a ramp for a wheelchair or anyone else who needs handicap accessibility, the last thing you would want to do is have it lead up to some stairs. This is a cruel joke and truly the worst design.

Why block the real ocean?

bad ocean view
reddit | Reddit

Whoever decided to block the true ocean with pannels of even uglier oceans must have been confused. Everyone would much rather look at the real ocean instead of this poorly executed gate of fake ocean painting.

They look like shark people.

bad mask signs
reddit | Reddit

Wearing a mask is a great idea, but maybe makes the people look like they are wearing masks. This makes it look like they are shark people with their mouths hanging open. Definitely not the most attractive poster I've ever seen.

Oh, no no no.

bad salt and pepper shakers
reddit | Reddit

The Reddit user shared that the black packet is not pepper, it's salt. The white packet? It's pepper, not salt. So, basically, we're all going to ruin our food and it's going to be a bad meal because we're going to mix it up, for sure.

Everyone's going to mess this up.

Green exit sign
reddit | Reddit

Green signs are usually entrances, not exits. Exits are supposed to be red. So, everyone is going to drive into the exit sign just because it's green. I can see an accident coming really soon. Yikes.

How can we open this?

stuck kitchen cabinet
reddit | Reddit

This is a landlord special. They love to put things in the places we cannot use them or paint over things 100 times. No one can get into this cabinet to store anything. What a waste of space!

This parking lot gives me anxiety.

terrible parking lot
reddit | Reddit

This parking lot is never going to work for anyone, clearly. If it's full, someone is getting blocked in. And, then what happens? Do you call for a tow truck? Do you just hit someone's car out of their spot?


bad haircut sign
reddit | Reddit

I truly hope these people do not cut women, or men, or children. Cutting hair and cutting people are very, very different things. Sometimes, it really is all in the wording. While they say less is more, this time more is better.

What is even happening?

confusing traffic light
reddit | Reddit

This traffic light is not safe for anyone. Is it saying stop? Is it saying go? Is it going to cause an accident? Truly, no one is going to realize it has to flash. We see colors when we're driving and our brains just say, okay, time to drive.

Have a nice bath.

yellow bathbomb tub
reddit | Reddit

Bath bombs have become popular over the years to help us relax in the tub. But, the last thing you want to do is get into the tub when it's yellow. It definitely looks like someone took a giant pee in it.

Confusing to say the least.

confusing graph
reddit | Reddit

This graph is showcasing that there are different colors of shoes and their sales profits, but why couldn't they use the color of the shoe for the bars? This gives anyone a huge headache trying to figure it out.

I got mine for free!

window sign anxiety
reddit | Reddit

Anxiety disorders are definitely a thing that people have, and sometimes, they go for treatment. But, this is not a good sign for a window. It seems as though they are selling anxiety disorders for $45.

It looks flat, but it's stairs.

Hidden stairs wood
reddit | Reddit

Now, this is an accident and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Clearly, if these are stairs, someone is going to fall and break their neck. Hopefully, no one has broken any legs as of yet.