Man Hilariously Documents The Ugly Home Designs He Comes Across

Are you a fan of architecture? I definitely am. Especially when it comes to beautifully-designed homes that are a pleasure to look at. But just as there is beauty in design, there are also some truly unusual dwellings that have questionable taste.

A Belgian man has devoted his social media to posting "ugly" pictures of homes he's come across in his native country, and you absolutely need to see these.

Is it just me, or this could be called "the house with the face"?

LOL! According to Hannes Coudenys' Instagram account this house is reminiscent of Edvard Munch's painting " The Scream." Ha ha!

Speaking of faces, this one is making me feel like it's looking right at me.

I think this is what happens when your architect is out to lunch. Right?

I think anyone living in this house is a glutton for punishment.

Every time I look at it, it gives me the impression the house is sinking. Run!

OMG, what happened here?

Was this a mistake or did somebody want it to look like this on purpose? I can't even imagine why. This is quite "edgy", no?

This is what happens when you hold out when a new real estate development comes knocking.

Don't give up your land even if it means your skyline is toast.

If this isn't the best example of "angry-tecture", I dunno what is.

Ha ha. I hope this house isn't haunted, either. Maybe it's a warning sign or something.

I guess the person who wanted to live in this house has something against windows.

Huh? I dunno, maybe they're hiding something. I hope it's not a serial killer's home.

Maybe the residents of this house need to be reminded to smile everyday.

Either that or this is just one happy-go-lucky house. LOL! I kinda like it, though.

"Mom, I wanna live in a fairyland house".

Done, child. Here you go. The window placement in this house leaves me more baffled than anything else. What about you?

This is the perfect example of why "twinning" may not always be a good thing.

These adjacent houses have been hit twice with the ugly stick. For real.

I bet someone thought, "Who needs walls when you can just add another roof at 90°?"

LOL! I can't even begin to figure out what's going on with this design.

What was once a cute little house on the corner is now something out of an escape movie.

I'm feeling claustrophobic just looking at this thing. Get me outta here.

When I look at this, I get the feeling that I'm looking inside of a piece of cake.

Is it just me? Or do you see it, too? Hee, hee.

The house that tried its best.

If you looked at this house straight-on, you'd think it was a palace. They almost fooled me.

It's going to take some work to get me to support this house.

But apparently these columns gave up a long time ago. LOL! I don't blame them one bit.

Somebody must've been really cold when they designed this house.

At least it will fit right in when winter comes because it's already wearing a hat. That's handy.

When your mailbox looks better than your actual house.

I bet the house is totally jealous of it and is starting to plot its demise. I totally would.

This is what happens when you can't afford to hire professionals to install windows at your house and you get your drunken uncle instead.

You get what you pay for.

Someone was taking that whole "having a roof over your head" idea a little bit too literally.

Or, they just love tiles too much. Either way, I'm not liking this.

When you're just that little guy on the corner of the street and you're starting to feel lonely.

Is it just me or did they forget to build the rest of this house?

Wow, I'm trying to wrap my mind to figure out exactly what I'm looking at.

This is making absolutely zero sense to me. Do you understand what's going on here?

Is it just me or does this house remind you of a piece of a burned piece of paper?

I dunno, that's just the impression I get from looking at this.

It seems that the designer of this house had an idea he ran with but then he totally changed his mind.

It looks like he was already too far in to turn back on this design. Right?

If you didn't get enough of these architecturally challenged dwellings make sure you check out @uglybelgianhouses on Instagram.

There are over a thousand gems to feast your eyes on there.